Friday, December 21, 2012

Erin's baby shower

You remember my friend Erin who is having twins?  We celebrated her baby shower two weeks ago.

Tamara ("sounds like 'camera'"), Jen, Erin, Ama, Diana, yours truly

Erin's mom, Susie, recruited me in October to help out with some of the details.  We had so much fun planning everything (should I say "assembling everything"? ; ) and I took extreme pleasure in keeping everything a secret from Erin.  While the shower itself was not a surprise, Erin didn't want to know about any of the details that would make it just for her.

The biggest project that Susie and I worked on were the centerpieces for the tables.  We knew two things: 1) The room reserved for the shower would be decorated for Christmas and 2) Erin's sister-in-law had selected owl-themed invitations to mail to guests.  So we decided to blend both of these ideas and do a "silvery-winter-woods-with-sparkly-owls-centerpiece-or-something-like-that."

I just know that Martha would love these (right, Lauren T.??).  Each table had a silver-wrapped rosemary tree, a frosty green candle, and a cloche-topped pewter plate with a mercury glass owl surrounded by frosted pine cones, leaves, and pods.  Susie glittered each pod and pine cone by hand as well as prepping all the green glitter leaves and pearls. (You can find those glitter leaves and pearls at Michael's. The extraordinary and perfectly unblemished pine cones and pods are from Susie's travels to South Carolina 20 years ago ... those are not available at Michael's ... Michael's only has the crushed and smashed variety.) The night before the shower, we headed over to the locale and wrapped/bowed/ornamented all of the trees, assembled and cloched the owls, and organized the plates for the cupcake table.

Erin's mother-in-law found a baker who could do owl cupcakes. Susie puffed all the tissue paper flowers for the table.  I would save those for Easter, Susie!  Use them in an egg/bunny display.

The morning of the shower, Erin made her big announcement before breakfast was served.  She had initially said that she would tell if she was having boy(s) and/or girl(s) at the end of October when she hit twenty weeks.  THEN she changed her mind and said she would tell at the shower itself.  Initially, I had guessed boy and a girl, but then I solidly decided on two boys.  At the shower, Erin had two gorgeous teddy bears and four ribbons to tie around their necks, two pink and two blue. Each bear needed one ribbon, so which colors would Erin pick?  No pun intended, but BOY was I wrong:

Ama made both of the diaper cakes behind the bears as well as the owl toppers.

She's having TWO GIRLS!!  Erin is looking at me in this picture after the first ribbon reveal:

After the second ribbon reveal, I'm looking at Erin like this:

Good job, Mom, for snagging these shots!

Amalie said to me, "Why are you so shocked?!"  For some reason, two girls weren't even in my realm of possibility.  I felt so tricked! Nice work, Erin and Tom! ; )

Erin's niece helped with the presents. Such a cute girl--I loved her little dress with the puppy and Uggs, and she even had nail polish and a blingy pink ring.  Totally JH approved!

Out of all the presents, my two to-die-for-favorites were from (who else?) Erin's mom:

Little bunny and kitty fleeces from (where else?) Old Navy!  I was seriously thinking of getting two for myself, you know, just in case A) I should have a baby and B) if they happen to be girls and C) they happen to be the right size in the winter.  Totally not impossible at all.  (God help my unborn children.  Seriously, please just spare them!)  Maybe ABIGAIL needs a KITTY FLEECE???

Erin and her friend from school are due two weeks apart.

Susie bought the shower sign and pink M&M tubes on Etsy, and the advice cards (to the left) were each individually printed, cut-out (with a Martha Stewart edge puncher), and embossed with an owl by (who else?) Susie!

What a beautiful shower!  Things are moving so fast--Erin already signed up for her C-section date and it's OFFICIALLY on the calendar.  (!!! ... refer back to absurd picture of my "surprised" face.)  I can't believe her pregnancy is nearly over.  Thank you, Susie, for including me in all of the planning.  Erin's a treasure to me, and I am so thrilled for her and Tom.

(Don't worry, Tom! You'll be able to tell them apart! Maybe you'll get one Irish baby and one Italian baby?)

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