Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Photo Outtakes: THE WORST EVER

This year, every awful picture my mom took for us was in focus.  Every half decent photo of the four of us is blurry. I think my mom did this on purpose so I wouldn't ask her to help us with this next year.  She might get her wish.

Those of you reading this who know you're getting a card from us: Don't count on a photo this year--I don't think it's happening.

I did not crop this.

"You're sure the camera's focused on us and not the tree?"


It's so NOT happening.


LJC said...

Did you just fire mom....publicly? Ouch. If anyone should be fired its the kitties.

lcole said...

I told you the autofocus kept focusing on the tree. In my defense, you insisted on the manual setting. Oh well, you know many photographers who can easily replace me ... Leslie, Laurie (and others) better step up to the plate as I have been dismissed.

Jo Harper said...

The Question is (as always): WHY IS NOTHING EASY?!