Monday, December 31, 2012

Snow day

Leslie recommended that we spend last week's snow day at Longwood.  Easy enough, but even the easy stuff poses hard questions such as, "Which hat to wear?"  While Leslie went with the tried and true ("WWMCD?" ie, What Would Michael Corleone Do?), I went for the Animated Guy from the Shop Rite Can-Can Sale Commercial Look:

Leslie later noted that the beret would have worked better if I had "worn it like the Moonrise Kingdom girl."  Anyway, I followed the beret with the Seven Year Old Who Doesn't Know Any Better Look:

And I stuck with it.

The drive there:

I had to be a stalker and take a picture of two of my favorite houses:

As we predicted, it wasn't overly crowded when we arrived.  The snow was the perfect accessory to every (already decorated) tree in the gardens:

This tree is decorated with edible ornaments for birds, squirrels, etc.

Ron, I know you really want to build yourself one of these, but the HOA will NOT approve and we can't afford the attorney fees right now.

The horizon disappears when the sky is the same color as the snow.

Not sure if Michael Corleone would have worn the leopard glittens, but I bet Kay would have.

You can see a really great picture of this here.

You can always find this guy sleeping somewhere in the DuPont House.

I love this kumquat tree in the fruit house.  Every picture I took of it was crappy.
Such a great snow day because A) three feet of snow didn't crash down on top of three more feet of snow like two years ago; B) no syllabi revisions required; C) it's Christmas week; D) I'm not traveling anywhere by plane, so what do I care?; E) it was really pretty.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The fastest and slowest week of the year

Thank you, Katherine!

Cut-outs are best when they are crunchy with a melted coat of sugar crystals on top. Mandy: your mint chocolate chip cookies are amazing.  Those Andes-mint-chocolate-brownie-things are pretty incredible too.

Dear coffee, I never thanked you last week for working so beautifully with two Advil every morning for three days to get rid of an awful sore throat and fever.  How do you get rid of pounding headaches so damn fast?  Don't tell me: the magic is better when you keep it a secret.

Nothing better than a new cardi for Christmas.  This one has a gorgeous multi-colored silky lining inside.

Also nothing better than getting a skirt that one has been eyeing for two months on super-duper clearance with a gift card on top, aka "free skirt."  Am I the only one getting hives from that little grey thread at the bottom? It's driving me nuts.

Penny didn't feel well yesterday, but I think she's ok now.  Joan, I really need to get started on that book you sent me ...

And just look at this magnificent fluff collar!  Better than any lion's mane.

Did I do your fluff collar justice, Pearl? I sure tried.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All done for another year

Well, I wish the chandelier needed cleaning only once a year, but that happens twice.  It's enough work that it justifies a picture at the end.


Mom, Leslie, and I made felt ornaments the week before Christmas. I made a Penny, a Pearl, and a Ron:

I used beads and sequins for the fluff collars and Ron has fancy antlers.  (His nickname in high school was Moose, so it works.)

Christmas Eve came and went in a blur.

And we actually had some semblance of a white Christmas.  We ended up with a pretty thick coating, but it was pretty much gone by lunch time the next day.

I tried to remember to use my Fuji Instax like I did last year--a lot can change in a year ...

Literally, my first thought Christmas morning was, "I forgot to tell Jeff how much I liked his outfit."  I can't tell if my morning thoughts are clearer if I do drink or if I don't. It's bad both ways.

The house was empty by 11pm, and I still hadn't taken any pictures (the whole month) of our tree or any of the decorations.  I had to take a few before I went up to bed.

We went to my mom's the next morning:

Of course, there were presents to be had:

I was really proud of the faux bois paper I found at TJMaxx ($3 yay!)

My gift from Leslie
We finished the day with a wonderful dinner at my in-laws'.  It wasn't a late night because poor Ron had to work on the 26th--luckily his busy season is over now, so it should be an easy week anyway.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that everyone gets to enjoy some time-off this week ...