Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scenes from the holiday

My mom made Halloween s'more kits for the neighborhood kids who she knows.  "The kids I don't know don't get one because their moms will just throw them away because--who knows--this looks like the kind of stuff that could have 'razor blades' in it, right?"
My costume of choice this year.  I was thrilled to death with this when my mom bought it for me 21 years ago. Not joking.  Still love it.

Nobody decorates for a Halloween party better than Charles Schulz.  Are these the coolest party decorations ever?  I love seeing them every year when "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" comes on TV.  It's one of my most fave movies. I really hope I don't get sued for posting these.  I'm guessing the credits belong to Charles Schulz and/or ABC and/or Disney Who Owns ABC.

Look at all the kids faces ... and then look at Lucy.

Ron said that Sally and Linus' epic fight in the pumpkin patch is freakily similar to every single fight we've ever had:

"What happened? Did I faint? Did he leave us any toys?"
"I was robbed! I spent the whole night waiting for the Great Pumpkin when I could've been out for tricks or treats! And it was all your fault! I'll sue! I could've had candy apples and gum and cookies and money and all sorts of things! YOU BLOCK HEAD!!"
"But, NO. I had to listen to YOU. What a fool I was."
Ron goes, "Hey: that's MY face when YOU yell at ME."
'nuff said.

Normal Halloween night in my mom's neighborhood.  You would never guess the trauma that's being suffered elsewhere this week.  Hopefully, you had a plain ole' normal Halloween wherever you are.

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Linda C said...

Dear LORD! Poor Ron.