Friday, November 2, 2012

Molly and Jess make an announcement (not TOGETHER, but sorta)

You may or may not remember a few weeks ago when I teased you here in this post: I mentioned four new baby blankets that need making.  Obviously, two are for Erin, but what about those other two?  It's pretty funny how many texts and emails I received from friends that went something like: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! TELL ME!!!!!"  This really isn't a surprise anymore to most people who read this ... most people who read this probably know MOLLY and JESS personally, and so there's nothing here that y'all haven't heard already, but whatevs.  (To my knowledge, I have little or no global following here.  Surprised?)


Back at the end of September, I showed up to Julie and Vigg's house because it was Sunday and they were hosting that weekend's football party.  My mind was pretty empty that day--Sarah's wedding took place the weekend before, Steph and Lauren had safely delivered their baby girls, Ron was halfway through two weeks of nightshift, and there was nothing of real significance on my radar.  I walked up to the front step and Julie was right there to open the door.  My mind blurs at what happened next.  I just remember Molly's husband Dan (who I have known since I've been five) just being in my face and saying something really fast and loud about how Molly and Jess are due a day apart and, no, he's not joking.  I heard my voice in my head saying, "Wow. Does he seriously have no idea how inappropriate it is to joke about pregnancies at this age? He's not funny at all. Who told him that this is funny?"  Then I heard everyone laughing.  Apparently, I really wasn't registering any of the words coming out of his mouth.

That's a NON-alcoholic beer.  Tiff took this picture because my face was totally frozen this way for ten minutes. I don't have a picture with Molly!
I don't know why this caught me so off guard. Maybe because I had my bets on OTHER people making this announcement before Molly and Jess? Maybe because we were finally settling down from all of the Lauren and Steph excitement?  Maybe because I give myself too much credit for reading other people's minds and intuitively knowing their life-altering-decision-making-process?  Probably all of those things.

One of them is due April 26th and the other on April 27th--safely in Taurus territory.  I cannot help but pray they don't go early because I cannot wrap my Virgo head around dealing with an Aries. (I'm JOKING. Don't worry Ama, I love you anyway.  And I'll still love getting to know both of these babies no matter how early in April they arrive. But really, for Jess's sake, I hope she falls on the late side and not early.)

(Wow, I have GREAT priorities in the prenatal department, don't I???)

(I'm making a mental list of all the April people I know who now feel insulted. Maybe Maya will eventually forgive me?)

Best of luck to you ladies!  Many prayers for an easy pregnancy, even easier delivery, and healthy, chubby, happy babies.

And to the baby daddies: May God be with ye.

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Jess said...

I loove that picture, it says it all!