Sunday, November 11, 2012

In answer to your question ...

On Saturday, an exhausted Jess said to me, "By the way ... where the hell is Pearl in that picture you posted of your bed? I swear to God, I drove myself up a wall because I couldn't find her."  I replied, "Uhhh, she's the lump under the blanket."

Jess's whole face fell and she goes, "What? She's not visible in the background somewhere?"

"Umm. No."

And then I'm pretty sure Jess rolled her eyes at no one in particular. (Ok, maybe she rolled them at me.)

I thought the lump was pretty big because, well, Pearl is not a small girl.  (Now I know Lauren is really laughing.)

Good news, Pearl: You're not so big!  Only your momma thinks you're "not small."

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