Monday, November 26, 2012

Erin swears this will be her only pregnancy ...

... so we documented it two weeks ago.

We were really lucky--an almost 70 degree day in the middle of November.  Erin bought a new sweater for the occasion, and she couldn't have made a better pick.  The royal blue highlights her eyes, and her hair beautifully matches the autumn surroundings.  Don't worry, Tom, you're looking good too!

Erin originally promised to reveal the sex of the babies ... but then she changed her mind and decided to reveal them at her shower in early December.  It's been an agonizing month of waiting for me.  At first, I was betting on a boy and girl. Now, I'm leaning toward two boys.

This is the same place where Steph chose to do her pictures back in August--the Binky Lee Preserve.  (Can you believe how green it is in Steph's pictures??)

When I worked on solo pictures of Erin, Tom would just wander around and explore the place.  Erin would point and whisper, "Take some pictures of him goofing around!"  Tom looks like a well-dressed Sasquatch at Binky Lee.

Really, she's looking great:

At one point I joked, "You people are too damn tall. I should've brought something to stand on." (Really, I might start doing that. I already bring a ton of stuff with me for these things, so I may as well bring a stool if it improves the angle of some of the pictures.) So Erin and Tom made themselves short for me. Not awkward at all:

At one point, there was a family with a bunch of kids wandering around in the pine trees next to us.  The kids began shouting to their mom that they had found a bunch of animal bones.  Tom found this pretty exciting and I lost him for just a second. I think it's funny that he kept the smile and only shifted his eyes:

Well you guys, while you won't be outnumbered after this pregnancy is over, you will be equally matched in your own house.

You better maintain a united front.  Very united.  Start practicing your Scary Faces (aka, "The Look."  Ama hears me on this one.)

* hint * These will not work for scary faces:

Thanks for letting me photograph you both!  Erin says she wants to do one more shoot much closer to the end of her pregnancy.  It'll be really cold by that point, so we'll have to get creative with indoor lighting.  I'll worry about that later.  For now, I'm really grateful to Binky Lee for giving me two very workable settings in two different seasons.

Erin's shower is coming up in two weeks, and her mom and I are going all out with the party decor.  More on that later ... can't spoil the suprises!

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