Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Erin gets a new bathroom!

I've been dying to post about this for weeks, but this has been a rather intense work in progress.

Erin and Tom have a really lovely single home that has the kind of stuff I can only dream of: a driveway, two car garage, a dining room, and windows on more than two sides of their house.  (Taking this photography course for the past six weeks has made living in a town home technically difficult--no windows on two sides of the house leads to fewer additional hours for picture-taking.)

About two years ago, Erin and Tom noticed a problem: the kitchen ceiling had started leaking. Long story short, their plumber announced that the shower in the master bathroom had died and needed a proper funeral.  Rather than just rip out the shower, find a suitable replacement, and be done with it, Erin decided, "Let's rip out the whole bathroom, replace it, and be done with it."  They used the past two years to do copious research and save up some $$$ and it's finally DONE.  And OMG it's to freakin die for.

Here's the Before ... it should be noted that Erin's Before pictures are 1000x nicer than any bathroom in my house:

Ok, ready for the After?? Spoiler alert: CLAW FOOT TUB!!!!

TAA-DAAAAA!!!!!!  They ripped out the carpet, ripped out the ledge separating the sinks and tub, added wainscoting, and installed the most gorgeous grey marble floor and vanity.  And, of course: THE CLAW FOOT TUB!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

I literally jumped up and down like it was a freakin Nate-Berkus-on-the-Oprah-Show-makeover ... only it wasn't my bathroom and Oprah wasn't there, but still it was thrilling to see the whole thing done.

I love these mirrors with the beveled edges. They're also medicine cabinets.

Look at the gorgeous marble tile that makes up the bottom edge of the shower *sigh*
I love the basket weave tile *sigh*

And that TUB!!  Erin did TONS of research to find the best deal on everything in here, but a lot of effort went toward the tub. Believe it or not, she ordered it online, had it delivered to the house (it's made of cast iron ... still not sure how they ship stuff so heavy no, it's acrylic ... see comment below!), and this is the SMALLEST claw foot tub on the market.  It's the smallest and it's HUGE!  Here's the craziest part: She's over 20 weeks pregnant with TWINS and she HASN'T USED THE TUB YET.  I would be like, "If you need me this weekend, I'm in the tub. Actually, if you need me before March 13th, I'm in the tub. Actually, you really shouldn't bother me at all. Go away--I'm in the tub."

Well, maybe I would let my cats bother me when I'm in the tub.  The Fluffs would love something like this ... as long as it was empty and not filled with water.

So, YAY Erin and Tom for finishing your project that's been two years in the making!  It's so, so pretty. I love it!

* I should add that I'm aware of the timing of this post: There's a ton of people within two hours of where I live who have lost their entire homes in the past week and could care less about the luxury of a renovated bathroom.  I know this isn't lost on me or Erin, so I can only (rather lamely) think of this as a tribute to the many reasons why we love our homes so much: They are ours, and they provide much comfort simply by standing solidly on their foundations.  And when we have the opportunity to make a good thing better at home, it's truly the icing on the cake of life. For all the people who lost their homes last week, my heart truly breaks for you. I can't really imagine how you're dealing with all of this.  My wish for you: a reliable roof over your head--your own roof--ASAP and relief from the anxiety of figuring out how to fix all this. *


Erin S said...

Thank you for all of your kind words about our bathroom Jo! It truly has been at least two full years in the making, and I feel so fortunate to be able to enjoy it.

One small correction... The tub is actually acrylic. When our contractor started talking about needing to screw a pulley system into our walls to get a cast iron tub up the stairs, we decided to look for a lighter option! However, they do ship cast iron tubs right to your door. Go figure...

Jo Harper said...

Ahh! Really? You probably told me this two months ago and I forgot ... thanks! Also, maybe you want to put a list together of where you sourced everything? There may be someone out there who wants to copy-cat?

Jess said...


Linda C said...

So pretty AND practical. I want to copy-cat! Is there a seat in the bathtub?

Erin S said...

No seat in the bathtub... But I actually seem to fit in there just right :)