Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Steph's never been to Terrain

Mom and I were at Terrain yesterday, so I took these pictures so that Steph could get a sense of what it's like there. These hardly do the place justice at all, and I focused mostly on the seasonal items.

Perfect stem
The pumpkin prices are mind blowing, and I don't mean that in a complimentary way.  That being said, I've never seen so many perfect pumpkin stems in my life.

Love that gourd garland.

I didn't know cheese pumpkins were from Long Island.  I never really thought of pumpkins being from anywhere.

Velvet pumpkins! Believe it or not, they cost even more this year!!  The smallest pumpkin on the table is officially $30.  They are gorgeous, though.

The most gorgeous fiddle leaf fig tree ever.  The perfect size for my house ... but I have no place for it.  I really wish my kitchen were the mirror image of itself.  The wall with the cabinets and stove get all the late daylight.  The empty wall available for plants gets hardly anything at all.  It was $48 which equals approximately 1.5 tiny velvet pumpkins.

They have variegated maidenhair ferns.  I can barely keep non-variegated maidenhair ferns alive, so I shouldn't even bother with one of these.

Hopefully, you'll make it out here soon, Steph!  If you go, make sure you go with somebody so you can play an entertaining round of "Guess How Much This Is??!!"

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Linda C said...

Nice place to visit but everything is so over-priced.