Monday, October 15, 2012

Random iPhone cleanout

I have a lot of random photos on my phone that I should probably just delete ... here they are:

First up, this vintage champagne sequin dress at Malena's in West Chester--it's also backless.  What a knock out wedding gown this would be.

In less glamorous news, there's Ron's ridiculous attempts with a mustache.  He worked nightshift for two weeks last month and didn't bother shaving the whole time.  He threatened to walk around in public like this:

Thank God he never actually left the house--he's crazy.


The weather has become cold enough that Pearl thinks sleeping on the bed is not good enough.  She has officially claimed her space under the blankets every night this past week. Penny's not interested.  Yet.

It rained for four days last week.  I was beginning to wonder if the sun would ever come back.  It did:

I had lunch with Lillian and her mom, Steph, last Friday. So much fun--Lillian slept the whole time in her pink blanket and bunny shirt. Mommahood suits Steph so beautifully.

The photog class I'm taking meets in a middle school math classroom. I nearly broke into hives the first night looking at the leftover math problems on the board. I have a PhD and I do NOT understand what the F any of this is about. No clue. Don't know.  Do you know how many hours of my life I spent crying over math homework between 1994 and 2001?  Countless hours.  Guess what?  I still don't know why I needed to learn trig.  Why? Why, trig? Why?

I'm also pretty sure that this stuff is pointless, too.  What do inequalities have to do with the real world?  I'm pretty sure they tell us nothing about capital-R Reality.  If they do have something to do with Reality ... THEN MAYBE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN PART OF THE LESSON.

Amalie is sighing heavily and rolling her eyes.  Math teachers of the world (ie, Mandy): Forgive me. I'm still bitter about all of this and I know not what I say.

A few weeks ago, I was invited back to my alma mater to give a very informal talk to some of the Italian students there. On my way to the presentation, I spotted my former Italian prof's handwriting on a white board.  I would know this writing in my next lifetime.  It made me sad--a long forgotten part of what feels like a past life.

"Who are you thinking about?"/"I'm not thinking about anybody."/"Who are you thinking about?"/"I'm thinking about Kira" ...

My friend Molly convinced me to go to Highland Orchards for fancy pumpkins this year.  They're dirt cheap at this place--it's great.  (Unlike Terrain--more later.)

Obsessed with my dark green manicure--this is Revlon's Emerald City.

Pumpkins and dark manicures ... fall is in full swing.

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