Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photog class: Day in the life

Here's the last assignment I turned in.  You had to collect five shots that tell a story about your day.  I took some liberties with this assignment and left out all the parts of my day that I don't enjoy that much.  (Not that there are that many terrible hours in my day ... I just knew I wouldn't be featuring Wednesdays, my longest day at school each week.) And, I had the opportunity to end on a glamorous note with some photos from a concert at Longwood that we saw with Dan and Molly. (Thanks again, you guys!)

My other challenges: I wanted to do the whole series in black and white.  (I ended up choosing sepia--pretty much the same thing.) And, I had to make myself find SOME pictures that didn't take place in the morning.  I guess the morning really is my favorite time of day--for a few days, it was the only thing represented in any of the pictures that I took.

The only picture that I didn't submit is the picture of the bed--I included it here, but not for the final submission.  I think this has been my favorite assignment so far.

This is my favorite shot in the series.

For this week, I have to figure out my flash assignment.  I really, really wish I had taken the time to bring my flash with me to Sean and Cristin's Halloween party (you'll see those pictures tomorrow).  I could've put together some really great shots there, but my old flash that I found buried in my closet wouldn't have worked.  I managed to get my hands on my father-in-law's old flash, but now I need to find some willing subjects to photograph.  Not sure how I'm going to pull that off with a hurricane and other time constraints.  Any volunteers?

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