Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Zombie Halloween!

Here some of the awesome costumes from Cristin and Sean's party last weekend.

First, the house in question:

Here's the little baby who I have been meaning to post about for six weeks already: This is Abigail Paige, Lauren and Kane's little girl.  For her official introduction on this blog, she is dressed very appropriately as ... a cupcake!

Kerri Walsh Zombie, Momma Zombie Steph, and what I will call Bride-to-Be Zombie
Steph with her beau, Jeff Zombie
Molly and Uncle Fester (aka, Ron Zombie).  I thought the coolest part about Molly's costume is that she kept her black lipstick hidden in her bra (which apparently softens your makeup quite a bit--not always a good thing).

And one more with the host himself.

How awesome is Tiff's zombie hair?

All I can say is that Matt looked way better in his animal print pants than I did in mine.

The hosts, Zombie Homecoming King and Queen
Thanks, Cristin and Sean!


Erin S said...

Where is Zombie Jo? That is what I really want to see :)

Jo Harper said...

HA! I was one of three people who didn't do zombie: I wore leopard jeans, a black T, and the black cat mask I wore in 3rd grade. (I swear I'm not a hoarder.)