Wednesday, September 19, 2012

West Chester Garden Tour

Every fall, my mom and I make sure we have tickets for the annual garden tour that rotates around different portions of the borough.  For the past three years, there have been some astounding gardens on the tour.  You can see last year's here:
11_09_10 Garden Walk

I would argue that last year's photos are actually worth a glance.  This year's ...?  I hate to say it: Not really.  I feel mean saying it, but we could've skipped it and we wouldn't have felt bad about it.  There were one or two really nice gardens and the rest were literally just burnt out from the summer.  Everything was totally exhausted and/or overgrown.  Too bad.  Plus, I was really sick and working through Day 3 of No Voice and Totally Unable to Talk. Plus, it was 90 freakin degrees and way too freakin humid.

An artist is stationed at each garden and paints the surroundings in his/her preferred medium.  An artist actually lives at this last house (isn't that an awesome tree?), and he opened his studio to the public.  The only thing I had fun photographing the whole day was his studio.

Jess, how cool are these benches?  I took a bunch of pictures of them for you:

I really want that jade tree.

There were two really awesome porches.  This first one is my fave and my mom's fave:

I've walked by this house a thousand times and did not even know that this was back here. Then, there was this porch:

Random details:

A really nice old man came up to me and said, "Did you just take a picture of that thing on the wall?"  Like I said, I had no voice that day so I just nodded my head.  And then he says, "Do you know what it is?"  I managed to croak, "A rabbit?"  He goes, "I don't know--my daughter lives here, so you should ask her."  She confirmed that it was, indeed, a rabbit.

She looks like she's having fun.  Watch out, Gorgeous Mermaid Girl: The French paparazzi could be nearby ...

So, not the best year, but not so awful that I won't buy a ticket next year.  Maybe it was just a fluke.  Like I said before, I don't want to come across as mean since these homeowners were really generous and opened up their yards for strangers to tramp all over them.  I'm sure it didn't help that I was high on cold meds and hadn't been able to talk in half a week. I'm surprised that I could even remember how to operate my shutter button.

Tomorrow, happier things: Sarah's wedding.

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Jess said...

Getting caught up on some reading....

Yes, those benches are fact I've been begging my dad to make me one...not sure what I would do with it, but that's beside the point!