Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Erin's having TWINS

It still sounds unbelievable when I say it or when I hear someone else say it: TWINS.

First, some history. This is Erin and Tom, circa 12th grade in 2000 ... I can't tell you what season it is because Erin had a penchant for wearing sweaters almost twelve months out of the year, even on the HOTTEST days ... I've learned to look at the leaves on the trees and guess.

Erin and Tom started dating at the end of the 11th grade right after the famous Italy trip that is responsible for at least three marriages and thus far three children (two of whom, now that I think about it, are twins! ... don't worry--none of these children were conceived on the actual trip).  To this day, no one understands what happened: Signora D took 80 kids to Italy and yadda yadda yadda three couples now credit that trip for their marriages.  All I know is that Erin and Tom were totally indifferent to each other for years (FOR YEARS, I tell you!) and then we got off the plane in Milan and it was obvious that something had changed.  We were all sitting together on that flight and it could not have been less eventful (a good thing in many respects, I suppose).  Amalie, Megan, Sarah, and I talked about it the whole week, but we couldn't figure it out.  It doesn't matter--a happy history has followed.

And you know what follows after love and marriage--something about a baby carriage? Try two baby carriages ... and two cribs, and two high chairs, and two swings, and two (four?) car seats ...

She sent me this waaaay back in June ... and I had to keep my mouth shut.  So agonizing!!  (Before anyone worries, I have Erin's absolute permission to use these ... they're pretty amazing):

Only five weeks along, and everything was hush-hush and hold-your-breath-and-cross-your-fingers.  (I think a lot of people are still doing the hold-your-breath-and-cross-your-fingers ... how can you not?)
You know you're not in college anymore when these are the pictures that you text between friends.

How crazy-insano is this?

The top image is the best imaging they have--they remind me of kitties all crunched together with their hands over their faces: "Ugh, don't bother us!  We'll pretend you're not looking at us. It's nap time--go away."  (Cat people know what I'm talking about.)

I have my bets on a girl and a boy.  Erin has said that Tom is wishing for the same because he's worried he'll mix up two boys or two girls.  So far, they're planning on finding out what they're having and I'm really, really praying they don't change their minds because I will just DIE if I have to wait until 2013 to find out.

Ok, Erin, so you're going to have to start settling on nursery colors relatively soon so I can start baby blankets for you!  Best best best BEST BEST wishes for a healthy pregnancy!

And, Tom: may God be with you, my child.  If you could go back to Italy and tell your 17 year old self about this, do you think you would believe yourself?

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