Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eileen and Sugar's baby blanket

Eileen is one of Leslie's friends at school.  I feel like Eileen has been pregnant forever, but she's quickly approaching her due date.  Back in July, Leslie asked me to make a baby blanket for her (the same week she recruited me to make an apron for her friend Ali).  Although Eileen knows that she's having a girl, Leslie was adamant that nothing about this blanket could be frilly or pink--she wanted something that would reflect Sugar's (ie, the baby's) autumn birthday. (Everyone refers to the baby as Sugar because Eileen and her husband are keeping her name a secret.) So, I dragged Leslie to Jo-Ann with me and made her pick out the colors for the final product.  She settled on white and a color called "Goldfish" from Vanna White's baby yarn.  (The website describes the color as "soft peachy orange," but I think it's tomato red.)

I used the same pattern and edging stitch as Steph and Lauren's blankets. (Speaking of Lauren, I really need a picture of her new baby girl who is at least two weeks old by now ... Abigail Paige arrived some time ago!)  Rather than do one solid color, I did a "goldfish" square in the middle and two borders of color to break up the white.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the finished product, but I think I really like it.

You've probably caught on by now that I'm not the most proficient crochet-er. (Is "crocheter" a real word?)  I can crank out a lot of stuff, but none of it is complicated--mostly the same stitch over and over in different (easy) sequences.  When you read Alicia's famous blog everyday, it takes about two seconds to calculate, "Oh, I see! I don't know anything about this. Ok. Glad we settled that."  This project made me a little nervous because it required switching off colors at least four times.  Luckily, I have the magnificent Klutz tome Learn to Crochet sitting on my shelf, and the colored diagrams (designed for small children) make it really clear how to switch colors in mid-stitch.  I cheated, though, and tied knots to connect the colors because ultimately I don't trust my work to hold up in the wash without them.

Eileen, I've never met you, but I feel like I have because Leslie has been talking about you since orientation.  I'm wishing you and your husband and Sugar the best!  And, I sorta hope that you just name your baby Sugar because I really think it's cute.  (Or, maybe you can get a dog and name her Sugar just to have an excuse to keep the name in the family?)

OMG, so I have four more baby blankets that need starting and finishing in the next six months.  Your calculations are right: Erin accounts for two of them, but the other two? Well, more on that later.

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