Saturday, August 25, 2012

Steph's pre-baby photos

When you take a few weeks off from posting, it's hard to decide where to pick up once you come back.  I could sit here and say, "Omigod, I've been so busy." But, that's not really the case. At least, I HAVE been, but not with anything important. Mostly, I've been busy swimming at the pool all day (very "important" because it's going to close soon and I won't see the old ladies again for a whole year).  I've also spent a lot of time denying that I go back to class next week. All the loose ends that I swore I would do before classes begin are still sitting around, and I'm trying to cross them all off of my list.  One of these things was pictures for Steph and Jeff. Steph asked me at the beginning of July to do photos for her like I did for my friend Laurie.  Our calendars didn't match until August, but we finally met up at Binky Lee Preserve.  Jeff and Steph walk their dog, Utley (yes, like the baseball player), here all the time.

To refresh your memory, I recently introduced you to Jeff:

This is Jeff's bride, Steph:

Oh, the blur. Drives me nuts.

And now there's a mini-Jeff or Steph coming along:

It was a hot night for pictures, but it was the coolest night we had had in weeks.  (I think it was only in the upper-80s that day.)  We took some pictures at their house and then headed out for the preserve.

Upon arrival, Steph found herself promptly stung by a bee.

If you've never met Steph, I think these two pictures say it all: She laughs when she steps on a bee.  I would be screaming, shaking my fist at the heavens, and bellowing something like, "AND NOW MY EYE MAKEUP IS RUINED FROM CRYING!! WHY??!!!"  Steph is a responsible grown up, so she just laughs it off.

The lighting was really tricky. I immediately broke into a sweat because A) it was really freakin hot--a lot hotter than I thought it would be and B) I really didn't know if I could work with what I had.  The sun was bright enough to create really challenging contrasts and shadows.  I had really hoped for some kind of cloud cover for soft, diffused light.  No luck, and this made me really nervous.  Steph and Jeff are crazy busy, and I knew that I couldn't count on time for a do-over.

I knew I would have to use my flash to fill in shadows on the face, but the flash can really wash out faces even when outside.  I started messing around with my settings and figured out that I could decrease the flash's power (1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 strength). I've only owned this camera for six years ... I really need to go back and read the manual.  Anyway, a weaker flash worked.

Utley was a good boy--he followed all of my directions and listened to his mom and dad too.  (I think he's a little uncertain about this whole sibling-thing.  He doesn't like the new baby swing in the family room, that's for sure.)

Steph only has two modes: On or Off.  At a party, you can turn around for two seconds and when you turn back, Steph's switch has gone from On to Off.  There's no going back once this happens--there's only going to bed.  I didn't see it when we were taking these, but I realized that something flipped the switch for her in the last ten shots that we took.

We wrapped everything up, and I took a Fuji Instax shot for them like I did for Laurie and Nick.  At least they could take that home in the meantime.

Luckily, all of us were On enough to scarf down nachos and black bean burgers at Iron Hill before turning in for the night.  Now that Steph is four days away from her due date, I keep thinking, "Omigod, Steph could be having a baby right now."  And then thirty minutes later I think, "Omigod, what if the baby is coming now?"  My friend Lauren is a week behind Steph, so I haven't gotten there with Lauren quite yet.

Steph, seven or eight years ago this weekend you would've been packing up your car for Ship to start another semester.  That feels like two months ago.  Now, you're packing a duffel bag in case you need to leave for the hospital in two hours.  Pretty strange, right?


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Jess said...

Great pictures Jo! Steph and Jeff, you look great!