Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sarah's getting married

This past weekend, we celebrated Sarah's bridal shower at Terrain.  Yes, THAT Terrain.  You already know the punch line: It was gorgeous.  Hey, if it's good enough for Jill Biden (rumor has it she loves hosting parties here), then it's good enough for the rest of us.

For those of you who have been there, we actually were not inside the cafe--they placed us in (I think Katie called it) the mushroom house (?).

Let me clear something up so that the story telling is easier: Sarah is a twin. Her twin sister is Megan.  Megan and Sarah have a little sister.  The little sister is Katie. The three of them are often mistaken for triplets.

I dare you not to mix them up: Katie, Sarah, Megan.  Of course, they look completely different to me, and it totally cracks me up when people can't tell them apart.  Like Ron. Ron CANNOT tell them apart.  He just fakes it til he makes it in conversation with them.  Megan and Sarah: You should play tricks on him in the future.
I've known these ladies since I've been nine.  For two summers, I saw Megan, Sarah, and Katie swimming at our swim club.  They were the only twins at the club, and I knew they were my age, but I didn't have the nerve to go talk to them.  At the end of the second summer (going into fifth grade), my mom finally said, "Oh, go TALK to them already!!"  So I did.  They were going into fifth grade at a different school (Ron's school, actually), but we would all be in middle school together the following year.  On the first day of sixth grade, I met Erin (we had EVERY class together) and Erin was already good friends with Megan and Sarah. I had already been best friends with Ama since first grade, and blah blah blah, the rest is history.

The five of us did everything together. You know how everyone talks about middle school and high school? "Oh, it's so awful: The girls are so catty and the boys are such animals. What an awful time."  I can't relate.  In our little bubble, the potential worst of these years just slid right by us.  People left us alone because we were nice.  You need someone to talk to in math class because you don't know anyone? Go sit with Erin--she'll be nice to you.  You need someone to team up with in gym class? Go over with Megan--she'll team up with you.  You're scared to try out for the musical?  Show up with Ama--she'll give you a pep talk.  You forgot your vocab flash cards?  Go study with Sarah--she'll share.  You need a laugh?  Go sit with Yours Truly--she'll bitch and moan for thirty minutes about math class, the musical, vocab tests, and the stupid pointlessness of gym class.  I don't care what anybody does or does not remember from those years: We were the nice girls.


The family kept crediting Katie with all of the amazing details that made the party so pretty: The fancy cocktails in the gorgeous bottles; the beautiful place settings; the big tissue paper pom-poms; the flower cupcakes (which Katie baked); the idea of Terrain itself.

Sarah's family put together huge poster boards of family photographs.  Looking at them, I did think to myself, "Ok: I guess our twenties really are nearly over."

The bride has a quiet, existential moment.

With Ama and Erin

The meal started with those gorgeous cheese trays that Joan and I love so much:

We all ordered from the brunch menu, and Katie played a trivia game with Sarah after they cleared away the dishes.  You know the game: "How well do you know the groom?!" Sarah solidly passed the test.

Katie would let Sarah know when she was on the wrong track ...

The question about the groom's favorite car was especially challenging.

Katie also asked everyone to bring a stem of her favorite flower.  At the shower, Sarah was presented with the biggest Tiffany box I've ever seen (a thrill in itself) and a gorgeous container for the stems.

Jeff joined Sarah to open all of the presents.

Apparently, there is an inside joke about ducks.
Erin made the big ribbon hat for Sarah like she did for me.

The gorgeous favors ... I forgot to take one. I was so angry at myself later.  Who doesn't love a favor?
Megan, Meri, Ama, Sarah, me, Katie.  Jess, I think you should have one of those elephants.

With the groom
What a beautiful day!  Congratulations, Sarah!  September 15 will be here before you know it ...


Tiff said...

Beautiful cupcakes! Looks like a great shower! And I love your dress!

Jo Harper said...

Thanks Tiff! I wore your fave shoes too! ; )

Jess said...

Sure, I'll take an elephant. You buyin?

Jo Harper said...

You wish, girl! ; )

He would look great on your patio!