Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jess and Matt's new kitchen

This is Jess and Matt circa February 2010:

You're right Jess: I didn't see the kitchen until after you painted it.

I think I took this at 1 or 2am, so it's appropriate that it's blurry.  (I can't figure out what the camera was focusing on at all.  Something should be in focus.  Damn point and shoot.)

When Matt and Jess bought their house, nothing had been updated in decades.  Jess, being a crazy-psycho-Virgo like me-self, immediately began ripping down dark wood wall paneling and tearing out old carpet.  (She was probably doing all of this with one hand and signing the closing papers with the other.)  You would not believe all the work they did the first month. (They have the photo albums to prove it.)  Here in their kitchen, they painted the red brick back splash cream and all of the brown wood cabinets white.  It was instantly fresher and Much More Jess.

This summer, Jess and Matt finally installed the kitchen they've dreamed of since Day 1.

Isn't it great?!  I love love love the countertops.  They look just like grey marble, BUT they're not. They're actually white granite, which is completely awesome because they look like marble without all the porous-don't-spill-a-drop-of-red-wine-on-them worrisome nonsense.  There are a lot of details here, people: several shades of white and gray; crown molding; cabinets where cabinets previously did not exist; corner cabinets and lazy susans; a gorgeous, under-mounted stainless sink; a really fancy faucet ... the works.

For the back splash, Jess ditched the brick (or literally: whacked it off the wall with a sledge hammer) and went with this gorgeous watery blue and white glass tile.

Watery blue ikat curtains complete the look above the sink.

The floor looks like slate, but it's actually ceramic tile.

Matt and Jess could only cook with a microwave for about a month (and Jess had to fill the Brita in the powder room), but I would say the sacrifice was worth it.  I'm really annoyed I didn't take pictures of the dining room (off to my left here) so that you could see how the two rooms blend together.

Some pretty crazy shananigans took place this particular night.

Jess is just joking ... she's not really drinking for five.

Steph and Lauren compared notes on the pros and cons of epidurals (Answer: jury is out) while Jess and I discussed whether we liked Bethenny's Skinny Girl red wine. (Answer: yes.)

Don't they look great? T minus three weeks and four weeks respectively.
Steph and Lauren were out the door and off to bed around 10:30 this particular night, but Ron and I were idiots and did not walk in our front door until 4am.  I made myself get out of bed at 8:30 or 9 the next morning just to punish myself for still not switching to EDT.  I pretty much felt gross all day and cursed myself for not timing my night a la' the baby ladies.  It was worth it, though, to hear Matt's very serious musings on the economy and Jess's performance of the text messages I sent her on Non-Sober Day in Napa the prior week.

School starts next week (I think Jess is back already?), so it'll be a long time before I see her kitchen at 3am again.


Jess said...

Clearly, I love this post, and of course my most favorite pic of all is the last one!

Jo Harper said...

Chawlie Chawlie with his momma!