Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Uncle Jeff turns 30

This is Jeff:

(I'm not exactly sure what Vigg is doing to Jeff in this picture ... we'll go with "adjusting his bow tie.")

Anyway, on my second-ever date with Ron waaaaaaay back in July 2000, Ron and I went to the now defunct Hard Bean/Mocha Mama's cafe.  (Yes, this place was called both of these names at some point before finally going out of business.)  Basically, our second date was at a Starbucks. Where else are you going to go on a Thursday night when you're 17 and 16 years old, respectively?

Although it would be another year before I knew that Ron was The One (June 30, 2001 to be exact ... I'll save that story for another time), I knew that he would make the short list because he talked me under the table that night.  I could not get a word in edgewise.  It had never happened to me before, and it has never happened since. (My friend Marcie has come close, but I can keep up with her pretty well.) I liked that this boy could talk so much and I learned every basic fact that one could learn about Ron in one night.  Here are two things that I learned about Ron that night (this is where I return to the topic of Jeff):


Ron: "Jeff is my best friend. My best friend.  Do you know Jeff?"
Me: "No ... I think we maybe had gym together once."
Ron: "Jeff is The Nicest Guy on the Planet.  THE NICEST GUY.  I will make sure you meet him--you have to meet him. He's the nicest guy."
Me: "So why is he so great?"
Ron: "Because he's like my brother.  I don't have a real brother, so I think of Jeff as my brother.  One day when I have kids, my kids will call him Uncle Jeff.  That is exactly how I think of him."
Me: "Oh, that's really nice!"

What I did not say: "I think it's weird and bizarre when kids call people 'Aunt' and 'Uncle' who are not actually a real aunt or uncle."  I just sort of dismissed this whole thing because I was pretty sure that I would not be the mother to the kids referring to Ron's best friend as "Uncle Jeff."


Here's the other thing I learned:

Ron: "Jeff and I joke all the time that he's naming his first son 'Clyde' and I'm naming my first son 'Primo.'"

[This joke would be a lot funnier for you, the reader, if you knew Jeff and Ron's last names.  "Clyde" rhymes with Jeff's last name and "Primo" rhymes with Ron's.  Haha?]

Again, I just thought to myself, "Well, whatever poor girl marries this guy will have to cross that bridge when she comes to it." 

Haha HA?

Jeff, Matt, Bob, Ron ... for the record, it was at least 135 degrees out when I took this picture.  These boys hold up pretty well, no?

Vigg, Jeff, Matt, Bob, Ron, Sean, Shane
Well, guess what?

1) I ended up getting to know Jeff pretty well because Ron and I never broke up.

2) Ron still jokes that we're naming our first son Primo.

3) Clyde is due in six weeks:

Again, Vigg: Not sure what you're doing here, but we'll go with "watching the game on TV through the glass door."
Happy Birthday, Uncle Jeff!  Thanks for being such a cool guy/"like a brother" to my brother-less husband.

(Please don't make Steph name that baby "Clyde.")

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