Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long overdue: Fourth of July

I know, I know: Why bother?

I guess I'll bother because I purposely took all of these last week just for this post.  The problem is that as long as it's summertime, I will do whatever it takes NOT to sit in front of a screen during daylight hours. Look: As long as my paychecks are done until the second week of September, then I could care less about sitting in front of a computer.  So here's what I meant to post last Thursday ... but didn't.

Last Tuesday, I went to lunch with Joanie at Terrain.  That place has the most absurd dinner prices I've ever seen, but they're a good place for lunch.

Oh geez, that cheese tray: nice pick, Joan!

Because every cheese tray looks better with me next to it.  Well, sorta.
I had to go to PetSmart for kitty hairball food (no luck), but I did see this guy and I thought he was cute.  Want to know what these guys look like when they're grown up?  Remind yourself here.

And this is why I knew it was pointless to buy cat toys at PetSmart.  The best toys are free.
Grilled corn for Ron's famous corn salad.
Leslie's cupcakes with marshmallow fluff frosting.

*sigh* These were ALL I wanted for my (July) wedding bouquet years ago.  Did I get them even though they were totally in season and I BEGGED for them? No: I paid $770 for wedding flowers that included a pink and purple bouquet with one stem of not-blue hydrangea.  Thanks, florist who shall remain nameless.
Gorgeous blue dress covered in embroidered lily of the valley.  Gorgeous gorgeous.

The local pretzel place made these in honor of the Iron Hill Twilight Crit, which I did not attend (no regrets: it was 101 freakin degrees) because it was also Jeff's 30th bday (more on that later).

And finally: The real reason why I've given up the computer for the summer.

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