Monday, July 2, 2012

Life between weekdays

Little Lion Lamb: The Fluffs second round of haircuts is already growing out so quickly.

"Where did I leave my ... ? shirt.  There it is. Thanks Pearl."
First tomato of the season

Advice: If you want to see the Bruce Munro exhibit at Longwood with the smallest possible crowds, go on a night when it's 90 degrees after the sun sets.

Yori's Church Street Bakery is finally open in West Chester! I ate four of their donuts on Saturday, I can tell you: It was worth it.

Puppies waiting for their momma outside the Starbucks.  I really want a Pom, but not until we get a yard.

*sigh* Can you say "cake pops"?  Good thing it was just a cake from a box.

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