Friday, July 13, 2012

Lauren's baby shower

Somehow, I arrived at Lauren's shower with a gift that barely existed 36 hours prior to the event itself.  I got there several minutes late because I realized--after I had left my neighborhood, of course--that I had forgotten my camera.  I almost didn't go back for it since I thought it would be nicer to be on-time.

I'm so glad I went back for my camera.

I noticed that there was a big to-do going on in the back of the room when I arrived, and one of my friends told me to grab a plain white onesie and get to work.

Here's what's going on: You grab a white onesie in any baby-size you like, select a written expression, match it to a stencil of your choice, iron-on all the decals, and make a customized onesie for Lauren to take home.  I didn't make one because I was busy taking pictures of other people making them, but it was obvious that a ton of prep work went into getting this stuff ready for the guests.

These ladies went crazy putting their ideas on cotton.  I loved watching everyone think about their design and then slowly dig into putting them together.  Oddly, I saw a side to my friends that I don't often see: Typically, we sit around sucking down wine, laughing about our husbands, griping about our jobs (me), talking about renovating our kitchens (Jess) or refinishing our floors (Molly), and pondering baby names (Steph, but not Lauren because she's keeping mum).

However, we do not often sit around making stuff together.  We were all using a segment of our brain that gets used at home, but not publicly.  Basically, it was like being in fourth grade art class all over again.  We were only missing the tall tables and unforgiving metal stools to sit on.

Molly, Christina, Tiff

God Bless Molly. I'm already working on Benedict XVI to canonize her, but see that look on her face?  When you see that look, you know whatever is in her mind is about to manifest itself in three-dimensional life.  Help her out, or get out of the way.  Ladies and gentlemen of America: You want this woman to be your kids' kindergarten teacher.  Not everyone will be so lucky.

Steph, Jeanette, Jess, Cristin
And there's Jeanette making sure Steph's got the iron just-so ... nothing's worse than the decal messing up and half peeling off.  Jess quietly contemplates whether she should add another fish to hers, or maybe she just made a sarcastic joke because Cristin looks like she wants to laugh.

And then, there's Tiff who decides the cat stencil is not for her and she's going to do a free-style kitty.  She has her own corner of the table and she sticks there for quite awhile.

Slowly, the onesies add up.

Cristin's not being silly: It's too soon to let go of the iron.

Please note Jess's fabulous sartorial use of Santorini blue, white, and yellow. (My watermark is hiding her bracelet.)  Also note how much Cristin is contemplating the precise placement of her decal:

Voila' ! says Tiff.

Tiff insisted on Jess sharing credit for this other kitty design since Jess helped cut out a bunch of the decals:

This one's cute too--not sure who made it:

Look at how many onesies Kane and Lauren have!

What really stunned me--and borderline saddened me--was all the comments that the crafty ladies in the above photos were making about themselves while designing the onesies.  Things like:

"I don't have a creative bone in my body."
"I'm not creative at all."
"Omigod I'm so bad at this" followed by someone else saying, "I know, right? Tell me about it."
"I have the worst ideas--I don't know what to do."

Seriously, Ladies? What are you talking about?

Cristin, Molly, Steph, Lauren, Jess, Tiff, Julie, Christina

I guess you didn't see what I saw.

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