Thursday, July 19, 2012

Julie and Vigg get hitched

It's been a pretty quiet summer round these parts, so we were due for a day or two of excitement last week.  Many of my friends are teachers, so those ladies (and one gent--Vigg) have been busy doing stuff around their own houses: Working on new kitchens and bathrooms, finalizing wedding plans, painting nurseries for new babies, assembling cribs, tutoring little kids for extra $$, etc.

Something I know for sure is that you can count on a wedding to change the pace of an entire weekend, and no sooner do the festivities begin when *bam* they're over.  Since Ron was in this wedding party, we squeezed two days out of this festa rather than one.

Some highlights from the weekend:

What would aliens think if they randomly dropped in on us and only observed this?

You can see all of the pictures here:

You should be able to click on the little picture above and go right to the album, but you know my luck with these things.

Tanti auguri, you crazy kids!  Wishing you all the best in the years to come.

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