Thursday, June 28, 2012


A little while ago, I talked about my friend Joan and her dog London here.  London still doesn't have a home, but you would not believe the progress that Joan continues to make with him.  (Her blog is here.)  Last week, I finally had the chance to meet London and hang out with him for a little bit.  Guess what? He's a pretty normal dog: He likes to run around in the park, chew on tennis balls, enjoy belly rubs, and follow his momma wherever his momma goes.

He is completely goofy--his tongue always hangs out of his mouth when he smiles.  It's pretty funny in person, but when you go back and look at 70 shots of this expression it's even more silly.

Oh geez, Joan: He only has eyes for you!

London is still looking for a forever home since Joan can't take on a third dog permanently right now.  Joan's really worried about finding something for him because he gets along pretty well with men, but he's far more comfortable with women (probably because a man beat him non-stop for most of his life).  Since half the population is not the best match for him, Joan's really nervous about finding him his ideal family.  It may sound silly, but Joan was talking with someone who suggested that he needs a home with two female heads-of-household.  London would do great with a single lady, but single ladies often end up with male partners.  If, hypothetically, London were to dislike the new guy in his life, he may find himself on the outs, back in a shelter, or worse.  It has dawned on Joan that perhaps he would be happiest with a female couple.  It may sound ridiculous to speculate about this, but I'm going to put this idea out there because you never know who may read this and think, "HA! I know two women who are looking for a dog." And maybe the rest could be history?

If you know any person who may be a good candidate for London, please direct them to Joan's blog and contact her from there.


Joan Grassbaugh Forry said...

Thanks so much again! He had a blast! On the way home, he fell asleep in the back of the car and was snoring. I guess it's hard work being so handsome:)

Jo Harper said...

Do you see how he's looking past me in every shot? He's looking at you over my shoulder ; )