Friday, June 15, 2012

I wish I wasn't addicted to nail polish, but I am.

I recently read on Bethenny's twitter that she's gone ten years without nail polish and she has no regrets.  I thought to myself, "oooo, let me try that for a month," and two weeks in I gave up. I just really love nail polish.  Leslie bought this color in April ... and I think I really like it.  It's a little freaky when I'm doing stuff during the day and my nails randomly match stuff like the tea pot, or the china, or the fabric that I picked out at Jo-Ann and the nice lady is cutting for me.  I guess you just like what you like.  Of course, if you have a real job this may not be appropriate ... then again, Joan Rivers had bright electric blue nails on the Martha Show a few months back, so who cares?

During the few days I had naked nails, I saw these pictures on LA in Bloom which made plain nails seem so sad.  And can we talk about that jewelry? OMG, I have revisited that post at least four or five times just to stare at all the rings and bracelets. (I've been racking my brain for over a week trying to figure out where I can buy a knock-off of the ring on Heather's right hand.) I'm such a sucker for shiny stuff.  Sometimes I really wonder if I have a problem.

This week, I've been wearing the crazy nails with this shirt:

Two weeks ago, I saw this in a window of a tiny boutique that I never, ever frequent solely because it's so freakin expensive.  There's nothing in their window that I can't find at Marshall's ... most of the time.  I was with Ron when I saw this and I freaked out over it.  Most crochet shirts, sweaters, etc., that I see in stores are not typically things that I want to wear ... if worn the wrong way, they just say, "Look at me: I'm a grandma."  But this?  No--no grandma here.

I could see the price tag in the window, and it was horrifying.  Completely mind-boggling ... and yet, I heard some stupid voice in my head going, "Seriously? If I had made that, I would charge double without blinking." This was not made on a machine, People: Someone, somewhere (most likely in awful conditions) worked her fingers to the bone on this.  Machines can't make this kind of thing. This sounds so dumb, but it's wearable art.

I love, love, love that rattan pattern on the back.  Now, THAT I could learn to do ... I think. I'm pretty sure.  But the intricate granny squares that make up the finer details are beyond my skill level right now. Way beyond.

I thought about it everyday for a week.  And then, in a moment of sheer insanity to which Ron stood witness, I marched back into that store one week later and tried the damn thing on and bought it without even THINKING about it. I over-think everything.


(Don't know what I'm talking about?  See here.  So far since February, it's been those three shirts, one pair of white skinny jeans, and a dress that I've been searching for during the past two years.)

This I did not over-think (assuming that thinking about something for a week is not over-thinking? Good question).  It's like my brain shut off or something.

It would be nice if my brain did that more often.

I am thrilled with it.

So far, I've worn it over a navy blue cami with denim and blue-gingham-espadrille wedges (that I seriously found for $5 at Payless last summer).  Shockingly, it elevates plain denim shorts to unimaginable heights.  I didn't even know that was possible.

Something else that I love that makes my brain stop working? This guy--it's finally back.  Don Draper dumped me for another 15 months, but it's ok because Harvey's here and he's not nearly as traumatized, damaged, or complicated.  And he's not married (not that Don cares ... OR DOES HE??? AHHHH!! Killer cliffhanger: I hate you!)

Now that I think about it, I don't think Harvey would be caught dead with a girl with blue nails ... but whatever.  Ron doesn't care. (Right, Ron?)

I've worked on a ton of stuff this week and I have pictures of it all, but I haven't had a minute to post any of it.  Preview: I made two skirts, bunting for the back deck, and purchased fabric for four other projects that I'm seriously telling myself "I'll definitely do this month--definitely."

We've all heard THAT one before ...


Linda C said...

You have the ability to make a crocheted shirt. Take a trip into blog land and find yourself a pattern. Of course, you COULD figure it out by looking at the one you purchased, but take it from me, much easier to get a pattern. It saves you hours of ripping out and redoing.

WWHD? Love Suits - Mike Ross, and Harvey Specter. For the record, I am on team RACHEL.

Jo Harper said...

Yeah, who cares about Jenny? Rachel all the way.