Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Life between weekdays--long weekend edition

... plus some other random stuff from last week.

Amy and Maya

I captured the one moment where Maya is not giggling.

Everything was fine at my grandfather's bday party despite the ugly cake.  At least it still tasted good.

"Viva l'America!"--my other grandfather, who survived D-Day in Normandy and went on to remember the friends who didn't.  Happy Memorial Day, Granddad!

Recognize the little guy in the suit?  We were over at Ron's relatives' house this weekend and this was sitting out on the bookshelf.  Ron looks at it and goes, "Jesus: look how much hair I have."  He's the cutest little boy ever.  I rarely see photos like this.

Joan drove home from the end of another school year. Paloma navigated the drive.

Leslie came over for pancakes Monday morning.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but these are teeny tiny. The one on top is a little bigger than a quarter.

Summer is here!  The pool has been filled since April, but it officially opened this weekend.  I didn't go this weekend because I never go until June for whatever reason.  Nothing better than a short week so that the next weekend gets here faster.

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