Thursday, May 17, 2012

Late spring/early summer at Longwood

You would think that Blogger/Picasa/Google/Whatever would make it easy to post with a web album.  If it IS easy (it's not), they sure do make it freakin hard to figure out.

First things (attempts) first: This link should take you to my Web Album for today's shots at Longwood. If it doesn't work, let me know. (Most likely, this person will be my mother. Or Laurie.  I still haven't addressed the Pinterest button issue. Bear with me.)

Here's the link:

If that doesn't work, try clicking on this:
12_05_17 Early summer Longwood

I bet BOTH of them DON'T work, so if that's the case here's a preview:

In the very first picture, the dandelion-looking things are part of a new summer art installment that lights up at night.  To go with the installment, they're also offering SmART Nights to discuss the value and importance of light.  I think it sounds pretty cool.

Looking at the weather report, it seems that there are several good hair days up ahead--yay!  Nothing better than a string of good hair days.

Also, a shout out to my friend Erin who texted me waaaaay past her bedtime last night (10pm) with this: "Sump pump failed, standing water in the basement, mouse made nest in wet-dry vac hose, Tom found a tick on me. I think I am going to bed!"  As of this morning, the water had been taken care of but the pump is still broken. Yay.  Nothing better than standing water and mice late on a school night.

(For the record, Erin's house is so clean that you could lick the floor and it would make you HEALTHIER.  Don't judge her for the mouse--Izzy is slackin on the job ; )

Hopefully, some good shots of Philly tomorrow--we'll see.


Erin S said...

Both links work for me :)

The sump pump seems to be working again... For now. We are going to replace it with a nice new one with a battery back-up and alarm. The standing water is all gone from the basement, now we are just working on getting the carpet dry! It's weeks like this when renting looks really good! Oh well, at least I had the pieces of mouse nest flying across the basement to make me laugh at the whole thing.

Linda C said...

Poor Erin! Glad all is resolved.

Laurie said...

My mom installed a lot of those lights :)