Sunday, May 20, 2012

Julie's shower and Jess's house

You may remember that Julie is marrying Matt in July.  (It's ok if you don't--here's a reminder.)  Yesterday was Julie's surprise bridal shower.  We had to set up a pretty elaborate lie to get her there without suspicion: Steph's sister-in-law mailed to Julie an invitation for Steph's "surprise baby shower," and then Molly sent out an email asking, "Who wants to go in on a gift for Steph?"  Everyone (including Julie) said, "ME!" and the next thing you know, Cristin's driving Julie to "Steph's shower" on Saturday.  Julie swears she was surprised--I'm pretty sure she's not lying.

The bride is wearing the pink and yellow leis.  Can you guess which girl is her sister?
For the record, the girl with the bangs all the way in the back is wearing the CUTEST orange dress ever. It's something Megan from Mad Men would wear.  She told me it's from H&M, but I've never actually bought/worn anything orange before, so it would be a major stretch for me.  She (I don't know her name!) looked fabulous.

Jess, Cristin, Lauren, Julie, me, Steph (Molly, where are you?)
Julie had a gorgeous day for her shower. She and Matt recently bought a big house (with a big yard for Bruce), so she has plenty of room for all of her wonderful new stuff. (Of course, it's hard to schlep said stuff home and then find a nice way to put it all away ... it's a good problem to have.)

We have two baby mamas in the group: Lauren on the left and Steph on the right.  They're due a week apart from each other. We know that Lauren's having a girl, but Steph's the hold-out and refuses to find out.  I'm placing my bets on B-O-Y.

I liked how Steph, Tiff, and Jess accidentally coordinated.  So summery.  Tiff's color is DEFINITELY bright blue.  This one's from last summer:

Sorry Shane--I cut you out.
See what I mean?  Tiff, you should wear blue all the time.

After enjoying the shower Saturday afternoon, we headed over to Matt and Jess's house in the evening.  Their backyard is really lovely--I wish I had taken a picture of the front yard too.

Most of Jess's house is white, ivory, beige, brown, and blue.  This is my favorite room: I love the orangy-brown chairs and pouf in this room--all of it works so well.

The girls were out back with Charlie for a little bit, but Charlie is partial to his momma.

Charlie held his pose for a solid thirty seconds, so I just kept my finger on the shutter.

After we took these pictures, we ran over to the mall really quick before dinner. Tiff and Jess were looking for dresses to wear to weddings and other events like that, and Lauren and I were along for the ride. I picked out some dresses that I really liked and gave them to Jess to try on since I was too lazy to do it myself. Both were sequined mini-dresses, one with champagne sequins and the other with bright silver.  Lauren and I sat around with the other women waiting in line for a fitting room and Jess pops out of her room in the champagne dress.  A middle-aged woman in line goes, "ooooooo look at her.  Turn around turn around!  Look at her. Her boobs are in the right place, her ass is in the right place--everything's perfect. She's a goddess."  Jess goes, "Oh God" and shuts the door to the room.  As I'm agreeing with the Lady in Line, I confirm that her accent is Ukranian (she had THE SAME accent as my college Italian professor--I would know that accent anywhere) and she also tells me that she just returned from Italy.  Before I can hear about her trip, Jess opens the door wearing the silver dress and the Ukranian lady goes, "Ugh, I HATE her. LOOK at her!!" and all but gives Jess a standing ovation and round of applause.  And every other woman in line shoves her head in the room and goes, "ooooooooooooo!!!!"  Jess goes, "Oh God" and shuts the door again.  She was a knockout in both dresses, but I would've liked to use a magic wand to combine the sequins of the first dress with the cut of the second dress for the Ultimate Perfect Dress.  None of us bought anything, but Jess should've bought one of those dresses.

I swear, Charlie's just a little boy dressed in a furry suit.  If you could un-zip him, there would be a real boy under there.  He curled up with me for a whole 30 seconds later on.

We stayed until the end of SNL and watched the big send-off that they gave Kristen Wiig.  Can you imagine your last day at work including: a dance with Mick Jagger, a kiss from Jon Hamm, and Arcade Fire singing (with Mick) "Good Bye, Ruby Tuesday" to you in front of the whole country? I can't.

So tomorrow's Monday and it's the start of a new semester.  The good news is that I only have six students, so that's easy. The bad news is that I need 8 students to avoid a pay-cut.  Whatevs.  I really need to finalize my syllabus before Mad Men tonight and before I go to bed.  I cannot WAIT to give the old heave-ho to epistemology this summer: NO Descartes and NO Locke during summer months. It's too much.  We'll do the problem of evil instead. That's a lot easier.

I have a bunch of pictures from Philly that I need to post.  Look for them soon.

Congrats Julie and thank you Jess and Matt!

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Jess said...

Fun pics! I love the one of charlie that looks like his eyes are closed :) What a fun weekend!