Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog break (aka, grading frenzy) is over

Now that Blue Book/Paper Fest (Spring) 2012 is over, normal life may finally resume.  Oh, it was an adventure: slogging through stacks of mediocre papers at 1am for two weeks and reading countless responses all answering the same four questions ... many of which did not actually answer the questions.

Nothing else will make you question the pointlessness of life like reading 75 of the same exam.

Anyway, there hasn't been any time to do much here, but here's some of what you've missed.

Peony Watch 2012 has already begun--these are about two weeks early, but no complaints.  Last year's peonies are here.

Penny and Pearl approve of the new mattress:

Waking up with a cat's butt in my face is par for the course these days.

If you haven't been to Starbucks lately, then you must go for two reasons: 1) Frappy Hour through 5/13 (half price frappucinos from 3-5pm everyday) and 2) Their new mini desserts.  The mini cherry pie and chocolate tart are ah-MAH-zing, and the brown sugar tart is pretty good too.  Buy all three and eat them all. You won't regret it.

I have no idea what this is, but my mom started it the other day and I really want to make one.  Of course, I have 10 baby blankets that need to get started/finished sometime in the next three months. So those will have to come first.

And that's about it.  I have one more final next week, but most of the worst stuff is over with.  For now.

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