Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stuff I ate this weekend

Shall we just cut to the chase?  Who cares what I did--the question is, "What did I eat?"

On Friday, I stopped by PBandU and bought two sandwiches: PB + cheddar + bacon + pickle and the April Special (PB + pretzels + Peeps).  I immediately gobbled down the former because I was so freakin hungry and I saved the latter for later.  A few hours later, I finally tried it and ultimately decided, "Eh. This is ok."  Sadly, it was just sorta bland so I didn't feel bad wrapping up the second half and shoving into the (new) fridge.  The next morning, I decided that the leftover sandwich half would make a great breakfast ... except that the new fridge smell had been completely absorbed by the marshmallows and now the whole sandwich tasted like chemicals.  Totally gross.  So I threw it out. Oh well.

Next up, shrimp tacos on Saturday night.  (I didn't take a picture of the grilled chicken and veggies on Friday night.)  Again, I inhaled this because I was so freakin hungry and it was soooo good.  Ron marinated the shrimp in a spicy sauce before grilling them.  Everything was topped with fresh salsa and guacamole, and PLEASE do not forget the Skinny Girl Margarita.  (If you do not know what Skinny Girl is, PLEASE educate yourself quickly.)  The weather was nice enough on Friday and Saturday to eat outside, although a big storm did sweep through just as the sun disappeared on Saturday night.

Pizza with prosciutto on Sunday night.  The prosciutto was ok.  I thought it would be a good idea, but something about it tasted cheap and I think the pizza would have ultimately been better without it.  But, is pizza ever REALLY bad? No, of course not.  Especially on a rainy Sunday night.

And then there are the cupcakes. The stupid, stupid coconut cupcakes that almost made me want to punch something at 10pm on Saturday.

I didn't even TRY to take a "nice" photo of these.  They don't deserve the effort.  This tray turned out ok, but still pretty flat and, well, not so pretty.

And THESE guys? Well, just forget it.

These are the UGLIEST things to EVER emerge from my oven. EVER.  Are you looking at them?  What really makes me mad is the ingredient list for these suckers: THREE sticks of butter, FIVE eggs, extracts galore, and the frosting uses A POUND of cream cheese, half a pound of butter, and A POUND of powdered sugar. I cleared out my damn kitchen for these ugly things.

I don't know what mistake I made. Maybe I filled the cupcake liners too much and they just spilled over and flattened? Or maybe I used the wrong recipe: Ina Garten has two coconut cake recipes. One is for coconut CAKE, and the other is for coconut cupcakes.  Not the same thing. I made the CAKE recipe and poured it into cupcake tins at the last minute.  The only difference between the two recipes is that the cupcakes use buttermilk and the cake does not.  I HAD fresh buttermilk in my fridge too, so I wonder if things would've been different if I had used the right recipe with the right pan? Who knows. They don't taste the way they look, so whatevs.  I mashed up the ugliest of the bunch and mixed them with frosting to make cake pops (like the cake pops for Halloween).

Oh well.

I'm nervous to refrigerate the ones that turned out ok because of the aforementioned new fridge smell.

The fridge arrived Friday morning.  I love how it fits into its space.  The old fridge was 35" wide (standard width for a fridge) and it was JAMMED in there. Plus it stuck out several inches past the wall on the right. (You can see we have to repaint a little--that green strip hasn't been visible in over a decade.)

This fridge is 33" wide, and now there's room to vacuum out the dust and cat fluff that will inevitably accumulate on both sides of the fridge. (You do NOT want to know what we found behind and around the old fridge. Totally horrifying.  I know, I know: You're supposed to clean out behind the fridge once or twice a year ... We cleaned it out once in six years.)

Because the doors don't stick out so far, the kitchen (the little hallway that I'm standing in here) actually feels bigger. You wouldn't think that would make such a difference, but it does.  So far, so good--we really love the one that we picked.  According to one of the reviews online, the weird new fridge smell takes about a month to dissipate.  Everything will have to be wrapped up and/or tightly sealed in tupperware until then.

Hopefully, the appliance drama is over for now.  I still haven't picked bedding for the new bed--I need to just make a choice and stick with it.  I don't know why I've been so indecisive about it. I guess these are nice problems to have.

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Linda C said...

Wait a minute... you bought TWO sandwiches for lunch? How do you stay so skinny? I must not be eating enough. Gotta run and make myself something to eat so I can get skinny too.