Monday, April 16, 2012

She's picked out a king size bed

Tell me quick: what's your remedy for feeling as if you've been kicked in the head? Because that's sorta how I feel in the middle of a bedroom upgrade. (And let it be said: an upgrade that I'm very, very thankful for.)

I haven't posted since last Wednesday (which was my 1 Year Anniversary here ... I still haven't addressed that yet ... read the First Post Ever here.)

Last Tuesday, however, Ron and I bought a new bed.  Other then getting a tattoo or having a baby, this is right up there on "Big Commitments That I Really Hope I Get Right and Do Not Later Regret.  Because There Are No Refunds and (As Everyone Read Last Week) I Have Serious Anxiety Issues with Spending Money."

Anyway, Ron is SO SICK of hearing me complain about how AWFUL it is to have to sleep anywhere near him that he was totally, completely ready to buy a new mattress, move forward, and never look back.  Our (my) biggest gripe is movement: I can fall asleep in one position and wake up 8 hours later in the same exact position. I do not move AT ALL once I'm asleep. Ron, on the other hand, moves all night.  CONSTANT MOVEMENT.  Seriously, he does gymnastics in his sleep. I liken it to trying to sleep on a raft on the ocean in the middle of a hurricane.  In other words, I CAN'T sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time before I'm awake again because Ron is trying to nail his landing from the pommel horse.

Blah blah blah: I'll cut this short.  We bought a Tempur-Pedic.  (We did it, Jess! We did it!) I almost burst into tears when Ron swiped the credit card because I was so convinced that the credit card was going to burst into flames.  Literally, as my eyes were scanning the store for a fire extinguisher, Ron goes, "WOW! No regret at all! My first big purchase with no doubts and no regret!"  Maybe we're both slightly damaged?

Of course, what does it mean when you upgrade from a Queen (purchased for next to nothing by a young guy moving into an apartment for grad school) to a King?

New Everything. More dollar signs.  More anxiety from picking stuff out.  And a weekend spent inside three different Home Goods stores. (If a visit to Home Goods on a weekend isn't a reflection of the seventh circle of hell, then I don't know what is.)

PLUS--it must be mentioned--the dryer decided to blow out its heating element on Thursday afternoon so I couldn't even wash at home the sheets that I found.  I had to schlep them to my mom's and wash/dry them there so that we didn't have to sleep on the floor next to the new mattress.  Timing is everything. Thanks, dryer!

The Fluffs have had no trouble getting used to things.

As you can see, the jury is still out on what I want to do.  (I'm 95% committed to all white ... I put some ideas together on Pinterest.)  We bought the same headboard a size larger and the night stands are officially set aside for Leslie's future apartment ... there's no room for them anymore.  I'm stealing an idea from Brett Bara and we're putting together floating side tables like this.  Everything's in disarray and disarray totally freaks me out ... which is totally hypocritical because if you've ever seen my workplace it usually looks something like this.  I guess our bedroom is the one place that usually is NOT EVER in disarray, and THAT is what is freaking me out.

So after price checking and comparing and running all over the place for perfect white bedding (ie, something that at least looks higher quality and yet can still fit in a washing machine), last night I finally took a breath over dinner on the back deck.  I seriously had been holding my breath the whole weekend.

Inspired by his countless dinners at Noodles in the Middle of Nowhere, IL over the past two months, Ron put together an Asian stir fry with noodles rather than rice.  And it was so good.  I can't believe we're far enough into the year to sit out back in the evening.  AND, it's also early enough in the season to sit without bugs torturing you the whole time.  If you stay out long enough, you can watch Venus and Jupiter slowly appear in the night sky. (I wish I could say that my college astronomy class taught me that, but really I learned it from an app.)

Anyway, the good news? The mattress works!  For once, product advertising that doesn't exaggerate or lie.  Ron can move around all he wants and I do not feel it AT ALL. So maybe picking out a mattress is like a kick in the head, but sleeping continuously the whole night for the first time in four years?  The perfect remedy.

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Jess said...

YAY!!! I know this sounds so cheesy, but I'm so happy for you! I know this is something you've wanted fooorrreeevvvveerrr! And that room you pinned by brett someone is awesome! In fact, I said to myself, maybe I should redo our bedroom? Of course if Matt heard me say that he would give me "the look" - meaning no way in hell am I going through one of your "redo's".....I tend to get obsessive:)