Sunday, April 29, 2012

I'm back

I've been grading stuff all week, and every time I think I've reached the halfway point I realize that I'm still only a quarter of the way through the mess.

I can't complain. I only have a real crush of work once every semester, but I swear reading all of these exams and papers only makes me dumber.  And the stack never gets any shorter.

I'm in a mild panic because I swore (swore SWORE SWORE) that I would grade 25 exams today. And I didn't.  Today was supposed to be rainy and miserable, but then things shifted and today ended up being really beautiful.  I spent 25 years doing homework inside (or folding sweaters in the Godforsaken mall) on beautiful weekends. I looked out my window this morning, looked over at the bluebooks, and then rolled my eyes and said, "Screw it. This sucker ain't workin one more weekend."

Now I'm little sorry that I actually did it.

Whatevs.  It all gets done somehow.

It all gets done.

Since I seriously spent all of last week grading, I don't really have much to post.  Probably won't until Tuesday or Wednesday next week.

The irises are up.

Last week, I was switching out a frame for an engagement picture that I keep in my room. I forgot that when I bought the frame at a consignment shop that it had a photo of another couple in it.  Rather than throw it away, I kept it behind my own photo.

How funny is that?

Look at these guys. How old do you think they are? Maybe 22 or 23?  If you ignore their haircuts and his glasses and just look at their faces, they look really young. Maybe they're undergrads still.  It's hard to see, but they both wear wedding bands.  I wonder if her haircut was inspired by Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music? She and Maria sorta look the same.  And let's face it, if he grew out his hair a bit he could still keep the glasses and look pretty modern.  Maybe she should put on a white T, unbutton her boucle jacket, and put on some skinny jeans.  And I guess she should grow out her hair too.  They're cute.  Who knows who they are.

Shane: no pictures please. Sincerely, Me and Jess

Eggy sandwich on a Sunday morning

Ceramics at Terrain

Spaghetti carbonara al fresco

We'll see if I get anything done after The Good Wife is over.

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