Wednesday, April 18, 2012

If God is real, then he's not funny

Four hours after my last post and half a week after the post before that, my refrigerator blew.  Everywhere I look: Dollar signs.


We inherited this behemoth when we moved in six years ago, and I was really grateful at the time that we didn't have to buy any appliances on top of the house itself. That luck has run out, but I guess six years is a good run.  Plus, I was really sick of constantly wiping marinara and other non-identifiable stains off of this thing. Do not ever buy a white fridge: they are totally impossible to clean ... or at least you can clean them, but you will destroy your nails if you want to do it right.  Four years ago, I gave up and officially decided that I care more about my nails.

Like I said about the dryer in the last post, it's all about the timing.  (The dryer stayed broken for a few days because Ron cannot fix a dryer and shop for refrigerator at the same time. The guy does have his limits.)  I needed to leave for school at exactly 1:55 on Monday--not a moment later. I came downstairs at 1:40 to make myself toast to go with some egg salad ... and the bread was totally soft when I pulled it out of the freezer. I began frantically squeezing stuff: the popsicles were mushy, the ice cubes were watery, the pancakes and waffles smooshy.  Now it's 1:44, and I still need to freakin eat something, but now I'm frantically filling a cooler with watery ice and throwing yogurts and organic eggs into it.  Whatever--I still made it to school on time and my mom even came over while I was at work to unload the stuff worth keeping and take it to her house.  Of course, the freezer had leaked all over the floor at this point adding to the beauty of the mess.

Ron came home and we headed right out to buy a major appliance with zero research under our belt.  Great: let's blow four more figures and throw darts at a board to pick out what we want.  We didn't pick anything out tonight, but we did find something we liked.  I couldn't commit to anything without sleeping on it, but we needed to get something ordered by the end of Tuesday.

This is cute: here's the wall behind the fridge.  You can see the green color that the original owner had painted the whole kitchen, and you can see some key dates:  Our floors were installed on 12-16-03 (right in time for Christmas, I guess), the walls were painted green on 12-12-01 (I was probably studying for my first round of college finals while they painted), and you can also see that "Quinn and Kathy Rule."  Kathy is Quinn's mom and Quinn is an eighth grader this year.

If things happen in threes, then I hope we're done for awhile: finicky dryer, replacement of eight year old grad school mattress, and now the stupid refrigerator.  And I thought $18 blouses were a problem.

The good news? Last week, I made myself coffee just like I always do ... and realized that we had no milk.  After shaking my fist at the ceiling and yelling, "Really??! Because this is so not convenient right now!!" I remembered something I had found in the pantry the week before: a box of dried milk.

I have NO idea when I bought this or why I bought it. I do know that it says, "Best before 3/2009" on the bottom. I also know that you can still stir this stuff into your coffee and you won't get sick because it's technically not "best" anymore.  Since I had to throw away the remaining third of my overpriced organic milk on Monday, at least I know I can still have coffee this week without a fridge and without anything else to eat with it.

At least I can still have a coffee.

Unless that machine breaks too.

Which will give me a green light to go buy a Kuerig totally out of spite.

But, please, I'm really not wishing for that.  Just let me make the damn coffee without anything breaking.


Laurie said...

Oh man! And I though I was upset when my hair dryer broke this morning!!

Jo Harper said...

Oh, been there done that. That's a really bad one too. Talk about something that would throw me into an F-bomb laced rage in the morning!