Thursday, April 19, 2012

Banana cupcakes with coconut frosting

Last week, my dad had a birthday.  Since I'm the family birthday baker, I took a cue from a recent episode of Barefoot Contessa.  Ina made this super easy banana cake with cream cheese frosting.  This recipe is odd because it makes enough for half a cake, i.e., you only have enough batter to fill a 9" round pan.  I didn't feel like doubling it (plus, my 9" pan was totally lined with sticky stuff all over it ... I don't put away anything that's sticky, so it must have been The Fluffs or Someone Else).  So I made cupcakes instead and I was surprised to get 18 cupcakes out of the whole thing.

I made the cupcakes really late at night, and since I didn't botch them in a sleep-deprived stupor they can't be that hard to do.  Because my dad is as obsessed with coconut as me, I used Ina's coconut frosting recipe which is only a modification of her cream cheese frosting.  (I also highly, highly recommend the coconut cake recipe in the link in that last sentence.) The key ingredient that distinguishes one from the other is almond extract ... which I realized I didn't have when it was too late to buy any.  So I made regular cream cheese frosting and dumped a bunch of shredded coconut into it.  Nice try--maybe it'll work out better next time.

The other thing I forgot? Grated orange zest. The recipe calls for grated orange zest, but peering into my half-dead fridge at 1am, I realized that I didn't have an orange. Oh well.

Finally as a garnish, I toasted up some fancier coconut and sprinkled it on top.

I was pretty pleased with them, and my dad really liked them too. Most importantly, Leslie loved them which explains why she texted me yesterday with, "4 cupcakes in 24 hours. ugh."  I guess they're not gross or mediocre in that case?  I really liked them even though banana isn't really my go-to flavor for anything.  However, this recipe is really easy to do and I imagine it would be pretty good with chocolate frosting or maybe even strawberry (for that whole strawberry/banana combo that you see everywhere?).

What I really want to do is make more eggy muffins.  I really want one of those.  But, you need a fridge with chilled eggs and milk inside to make them.  And to store them.  So maybe next week. And maybe I'll make more cupcakes too.  We'll see.

Make the banana cake--it's good.  Especially with the frosting.

Remember to buy an orange for the zest.

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