Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time for magnolias again

Last year, this was one of my first posts.

This year (and a month earlier than normal), here it is again.  (Not the ravioli though ... very unfortunately.)

Glad I caught this last Friday when I had the chance--the impending frost later tonight will probably finish off the blooms.

Love love love.

Meanwhile, Penny has decided that she ought to be a full time outdoor cat. Since I have no intention of capitulating to her demands, she has decided to create trouble in the middle of the night.  Recently, she discovered the Q-tips on the vanity in my bathroom.  Penny loves her a Q-tip.

This is what I found the other morning. Penny didn't even try to pretend it wasn't her--she didn't even blame it on Pearl.

Way to show some shame, Penny.

The dissatisfaction radiates through the computer screen, no?

Sometimes I question who's really in charge.

You know, maybe I should think about this. Maybe being Not-The-Boss for a day wouldn't be so bad?


Scratch that: I have too much chaos around this place already.

Nice try, Penny.

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