Friday, March 30, 2012

Storing away the winter coats

Honestly, I don't think I wore a winter coat at all this year ... maybe a few times.  The coats in question here are not my coats, however.  No no no--can you guess whose coats I'm referring to?

Well, I'll give you a hint.  Here are the Before shots:


And here are the After shots:

Yup, the coats are off!  After this month's unseasonably warm weather and the discovery of some epic hairballs in the basement, I decided that the coats would come off twice this year: once in March and once in June.

Of course, the funniest pictures I have were taken moments after the Big Shave.


I literally woke them out of a sound sleep and dragged them one at a time to the groomer's truck out front.  I have to tell you, they HATE GETTING SHAVED. Really, it's just an awful experience all around.  It's like taking a four year old to get booster shots or something: a necessary evil that will improve everyone's life across the board.

The fluff was so out of control that I had to wash some items of clothing twice a week just to get all the fur off, and I constantly found myself picking fur out of my eyes while trying to work. I guess shedding season started early, and it just seriously grossed me out this year. I couldn't take it.

Anyway, it's a traumatizing experience for them to get shaved.  The guy who does it is really great--he moves really fast and gets every last tuft.  But, the cats howl and cry the whole time and seriously just freak out.  He actually has to blind fold them: If they're blindfolded, they can't run because they can't see. It better guarantees that the cat won't escape and run off.  Tell me how awful this is?

It's over pretty quickly though.  I feel bad because typically I only make them go through this once a year.  But this year, we're going to do this twice.

I do feel a little bad for Penny, aka The Queen of Outside.  I think she feels too chilly to bother in the morning.  That's ok because usually it's warm enough in the afternoon.  I'm just glad that they can take a break from maintaining their coats for now.

All of this was done on Tuesday, but I couldn't post it because I wanted it to be a surprise for Ron since he was away on a business trip.  He totally FREAKS OUT when they get shaved because the cuteness is mind-blowing.  If you look carefully at them in all of the After pictures, they kind of look like a cross between a lion and a lamb. I don't have any good pictures of their legs, but they still have their big fluff collars/lion manes on top of the cutest little lamby legs you've ever seen.  (Typically, their legs just blend right into their bodies.)

So there you have it. Of course, what did I find when I came downstairs this morning? Yup, a hairball.  The fluff drama continues.

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