Saturday, March 10, 2012


This is Shane:

Shane's a businessman--a finance guy.  Look at him: He wears A TIE to work.  I don't know anybody who wears a tie to work.

Ok, my dad wears a tie to work.  But, that's not the point. (My dad's a banker.)

You can take your whole portfolio to Shane's office and ask him questions like, "If I'm 28 years old, how do I save a million dollars before my 70th birthday?"  Or, "If--GOD FORBID--my fantabulous husband who I love with my whole heart were to disappear off the planet tomorrow, do I have enough insurance to avoid finishing out my life in a cardboard box behind the Gay Street Starbucks?" Or, "Should I do something with a savings account that I've had since the day I was born--because my banker father opened it for me--so I earn more than .75% interest on it every quarter?"

He even runs half marathons on a regular basis.

Shane is Mr. Responsibility.

But, Shane has a secret.  One that his adoring wife, Tiff, refused to indulge.

Shane. Loves. Peanut Butter.

Which is why he was so thrilled (thrilled! I tell you) when I agreed to go to PBandU with him for lunch.  I'm not sure how long PBandU has been in Wayne ... maybe a year?  If you follow the above link to their site you'll see they specialize in peanut butter sandwiches.  It's a pretty big deal.  I offered to go with Shane because Tiff said she didn't feel like it (Tiff: that's the story Shane told me) and Ron can't go with me because Ron's allergic to peanuts.  So Shane and I agreed that we ought to go together.

It's a really bright and airy place to eat.  (Is it unreasonable to assume a peanut butter sandwich shop would be not so classy?  Perhaps. But--HELLOO PEOPLE--this Wayne, PA.  Everything is classy here.)  The tables even look like peanuts which I LOVED.

Shane and I ended up ordering four sandwiches, so the little peanut table didn't work for us. We needed a BIG peanut table.

So this is what we did: We picked four sandwich combinations from their suggested menu. You can build your own sandwich, but we thought we would go with PB's expertise on this outing.  Shane needed to order the PB with bacon, cheddar, and pickle; I needed to order the March special with cinnamon PB, cream cheese, and coconut (Irish potato! Get it?).  For the remaining two sandwiches, we tried the PB with nutella, marshmallow fluff, and M&Ms and finally the PB with honey, cinnamon sugar, raisins, and cream cheese.  You also have to pick out your peanut butter: There are four kinds of varying smoothness and chunkiness. We tried three of the four but never got around to discussing which kind was best.  The best thing about the peanut butter was that it was so much better than the typical stuff out of the red or blue jar.  If you've ever had organic almond butter (which is much runnier than typically PB), that is the texture of the peanut butter at this place.

Look at that.  Isn't that inSANE?  We started with the cheddar, bacon, and pickles. I really didn't know what to expect.  I'm not going to lie: There's something about it that I really, really liked. I hate sounding like Snooki, but I think it was the pickles.  It was interesting that I couldn't taste everything at once. I tasted the pickle first, then the bacon, then the cheese, then the peanut butter.  The peanut butter provided a neutral background for everything else.  I really liked it--it would've been awful without the pickle.

Next, we went for the nutella, fluff, and M&Ms. Both of us agreed it was a candy bar between bread.  I really loved the texture of this one best.  I think we went with creamy peanut butter for this one, so it was pretty oooey-goooey with the crunch of M&Ms too.  Truly, it was lovely.

Third, we tried the Irish potato sandwich.  Shane's not big on coconut not because he hates it, but because he rarely reaches for it or thinks to eat it.  Coconut is one of my most favoritist things ever (especially in candy, or ice cream, or cakes, or cookies, etc).  He was really nice and said he would try it, and he actually didn't mind it at all. I don't think it was his favorite, but it wasn't my favorite either.  Surprisingly, this wasn't nearly as sweet as the nutella, fluff, and M&Ms--not as candy bar-ish.

And, FINALLY, (because I know that you are so TOTALLY FASCINATED by this extensive sandwich review) we tried the honey, cinnamon, cream cheese, and raisin sandwich.  The truth is that I don't like raisins that much.  They're totally harmless, but most things with raisins just leave me wishing for chocolate chips instead.  This combination, however, was really good and nice and cinnamony. And it didn't make me wish for chocolate chips.

I told Shane that I would eat halves of every half sandwich, but that ended up not being the case:

We demolished the whole order. The last time I felt this shocked over how much I managed to eat was our lunch in Carmel on our honeymoon. (I was on the honeymoon with Ron ... not Shane.)  Honestly, though: no regrets.  Who knows when I'll make it back here, but I hope PBandU continues to do well.

I could actually go for a creamy PB, nutella, fluff, and M&M combo right now.

Thanks Shane!


Shane M. Johnson said...

This was one awesome lunch meeting. Thanks for joining me Jo. And your description of me is overly flattering, said as I blush like schoolboy. Had a great time and always enjoy reading your blog.

Linda C said...

You two ate FOUR sandwiches????