Thursday, March 1, 2012


Too tired to write.  Conveniently, nothing to report.

I've been reading Italian everyday--I dug up my Italian Civilization history text and began reading up on Italian geography.  I can't believe I once had all this stuff memorized inside my head (ie, the facts in addition to the vocab). More about that later.

Still haven't bought anything since the tunic. Picture forthcoming, Tiff.

Kamikaze Wednesday today: 75 students, three classes, two campuses, three perspectives on metaphysics, one new stack of exams, one new stack of papers.  Strangle me now.

Or, just send me to bed. That'll be fine too.

I don't really like lavender because it's the Most Indecisive Color Ever: What are you lavender? Are you blue? Are you pink? Are you grey? Are you purple? Are you something in between? Make up your freakin mind already. Pick a team and stand by it.  That being said, the sky in that shot makes me think, "Lavender: maybe I've been too hard on you."

I swear to God, Olive Tree: If you die on me, I'll resuscitate you just to kill you with my bare hands. STOP losing your leaves. That's an order.

I had the weirdest experience with brownies on Tuesday night. I poured a ton of mini-marshmallows in the batter (knowing they would probably melt and essentially disappear), but I'm wondering if that's why the brownies were liquefied in the center?  We didn't care. We ate the chocolate goop anyway. It was a Tuesday. What else did we have going for us?

The best Irish Mom lunch ever: grilled cheese (with whatever random cheese is in the fridge), mustard, and roasted red peppers PLUS chips and grapes.   The ultimate childhood flashback food.

The most boring post ever. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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