Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fluffs and Irish Coffee Blondies

I woke up earlier than usual today, and of course the Fluffs were dozing right at my feet.


It really is the best thing ever that the back deck is warm enough for hanging out in the morning.  I love it, but the Fluffs love it even more.  The cat grass has grown, which is a good thing since it's shedding--aka, hair ball--season.

It's strange to see carnivores behaving like herbivores.

These I actually took in the evening.  Both girls have their own deck routine.  Penny parks herself in one of two spots: either under the lounge chair or under a small table that leans against the railing.

Pearl moves around.  She typically starts her routine on top of the lounge chair (Penny pretends not to notice her above her head when she's underneath) before moving to one of the other chairs.

She jumps on and off of every bench and table, and after 15 minutes she's done and asks to go back inside.  Penny, however, will sit outside for an hour or two. If it's a windy day, I can't get Penny inside--she loves watching loose leaves swirl around everywhere.  It's like the ultimate cat toy.  It's been strange going from summer to fall, to slightly cooler fall, to very warm spring/almost summer, but it's also been nice to have all the windows open and to sit out back again without being wrapped in an afghan.

Today, I woke up early enough that I figured, "Why not bake that recipe I saw in the last Living magazine?"  I had wanted to make these last weekend for St. Patrick's Day, but I barely squeezed in the Irish potatoes so it didn't happen.

After I corralled the Fluffs back inside, I started Martha's Irish Coffee Blondies.  They contain copious amounts of butter, sugar, coffee, and whiskey so they're really perfect for breakfast--all four food groups, right?

The directions tell you to grease your 9x13 tray, then line it with parchment, and then grease the parchment before pouring in the batter.  It was definitely annoying to do this, but it ended up being really convenient because I was able to lift the whole "block" of blondies right out the pan.  I set the big block on a cutting board, grabbed my biggest knife and found that it was so easy to cut these into 16 separate bars.

These have such a good flavor--the combination of almond, coffee, and whiskey is really unusual.  This is totally ridiculous, but I immediately thought to myself that the whole combination is extremely masculine.  Literally, if masculinity had a flavor ... this is it.  I know--it doesn't make sense.  I'm placing this taste in the same scent category as leather, clean horses, and MidSummer's Night candles.

As if to prove my point, Ron ate one as soon as he came home and exclaimed, "I LOVE this flavor.  These are GOOD ... do these have booze in them??"

Point made.

What's also funny about this combination of flavors is that there's something chocolately about it.  I think that's the coffee at work, but it's sorta cool and sorta puzzling.

Whatever. I'm not over-analyzing this right now.  It's an easy recipe and I love the final product, so give them a try.

Looks like another open-toe shoe day tomorrow--yay! Sign me up!

And, as long as I'm going on and on about the cats I may as well go out on this note:

Disgruntled Pearl in a double-decker beddy-boo.


Linda C said...

I want a blonde.

Linda C said...

Darn auto correct. Should read I want a blondie.

Jess said...

It's amazing to me how fit you still are after all these amazing and decadent foods you make!