Monday, March 12, 2012

Enjoying early spring

Spring break's over for another semester, and for once I didn't bundle up in a parka everyday to survive it.  I don't think it's just me (right?), but nearly every spring break (first week of March) since freshman year of college I typically freeze off my rear end. Not this year.

The Fluffs have been livin it up outside.

Pearl doesn't love the outside quite as much as Penny, but they watch each other through the glass.

Penny begs to go outside and then periodically smashes her face right on the door just to make sure that I'm still right here.  (Rather, she's probably checking to see if I'm gone so that she can be bad and not get caught.)

She has the prettiest eyebrow whiskers ever!

Inside the house, everything's officially switched over to Easter colors.  Time is bizarre ... didn't I just put away the Christmas stuff??

There are really only three spots that get decorated for anything: the front table, the little green desk, and the kitchen window.  Many times when I see decorations at someone else's house or on TV, I often wonder, "Does it cost a lot to do that?"  I hate it when people won't talk prices with me--they're just THINGS.  Who cares?  So if you're wondering, "Holy crap: was a small fortune spent on Easter stuff in this house? ... and where can I get Easter stuff anyway?" the answer to the first question is "no" and to the second question "Almost anywhere."

I found the egg topiary at Kmart last year and the ceramic bunny egg and the Easter banner are both from Home Goods.  It probably cost between $25-$30 total for the three.  I love the combination of pale blue, pink, and green.  Is there anything better?

A lot of people ask me about the dish with all of the crystals.  It once belonged to my Aunt Edna (of cut-out cookie fame) who gave it to my grandmother, and my grandmother gave it to me (the same day I bought my wedding gown to be exact).  I frequently go to consignment shops and flea markets, and I still haven't seen anything similar to it.  Honestly, and I say this about very, very few things that I own, but I would be totally crushed if it broke.  The "nest" is just a shredded supermarket bag.

More eggs on the kitchen table
All of the eggs are from Michael's and Waterloo Gardens.  All of this stuff goes in a small box in my basement--it takes up hardly any space at all.

I forget where I learned this ... it might have been Heather Bullard's blog? Not sure.  Anyway, the reason why eggs are a symbol of Easter is because of hens: Hens don't lay eggs during the colder months.  However (and I'm guessing this symbol goes back to European cultures--cultures that dealt with cold, cold winters and warm springs and summers), things would warm up and eggs would reappear--guess when?--right around Easter.  So eggs have become a symbol of rebirth and renewal on a few different levels.  The reappearance of eggs meant that you somehow survived the worst of Mother Nature for another year (during a time when central heat and hot running water simply did not exist).

I switched out all of my winter china and brought the turquoise china up from the basement.  With days in the 60s and 70s, it was strange to eat dinner off of plates decorated with pine boughs and pine cones.

Ridiculous but true: the little bunnies clinging to the side of that dish make me crazily happy.  I bought that at Michael's a few years ago--they're selling a similar dish this year.  (With a 40% off coupon it'll literally cost $5.)  The bunny on the left is a planter, but none of my plants are small enough to fit in his back right now.  I may put him on the kitchen windowsill to hold the Boston fern.

All of the ferns are pretty happy in the window now that sun is much stronger on the back of the house.  (Three months from now, I'll be whining that the sun is way TOO strong on the back of the house.)  The olive is hanging in there. I think that's just what the olive does: Grow a bunch of leaves over the summer and then lose all of them over the winter.  Two steps forward, one step back; two steps forward, one step back ...

I love, love this little bird. I kept him out all summer last year.  I found him at Good Will with Erin ... it might have been $1.

And if I thought that my house didn't have space for one more egg, bird, or bunny, I found space for one more.

My mom bought this bunny for the front door years ago when I was still little.  Three or four years ago, my mom tossed it because it was faded and weathered.  I salvaged it from the trash and put it through some rehab.

I barely remembered to take a Before picture of it.  I didn't bother sanding it down--I spray painted the whole thing with white primer before spray painting over the primer with white paint.  To do the colored accents, I foraged around in my basement for some other paints.  Of course, one of the colors I found in the paint cabinet was (duh) Martha blue.  (If you have no idea what I mean by "Martha blue" click here ... if you open my cabinets, most things are this color.)

Ta-da!  And my mom pitched this in the trash! HA! Buns and I had the last laugh on this one.

The whole house is mostly white, beige, and chocolate brown for the colder half the year.  Usually, I'm the kind of person who thinks, "If you really love something, then don't deprive yourself of it--enjoy it for all it's worth."  But, I like the inside of my house to match the mood of the outdoors to some extent even during the grayer, colder months.  Rather than make me feel better, all the blues and greens inside would weird me out during the winter instead of making me feel better.  Finally though, all of the color that's been behind closed doors since October is back.  It sounds so ridiculous, but this whole process of making everything blue again is completely refreshing for me.  Only one last official week of winter--YAAY!!!


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

It's not a bunny, it's a lamb!

Linda C said...

Your frrr grrrs are the cutest kitties ever.