Monday, March 19, 2012

Enjoying early spring (some more)

Everything is coming back to life (not that winter killed much of anything this year).
The cat grass is coming up:

The fluff is getting shed:

Well, there's still a lot of fluff left (hence, the cat grass).  We always joke that it would be nice if I could just unzip their coats this time of year and let them air out in the closet until fall.

Buddha has a reason to smile again.  Hey Buddha: you're lucky you didn't get trapped until five feet of snow this winter.  Not that you would've cared.

 A very quick trip to Terrain this weekend.  Their outdoor plants are arriving--I am dying to plant herbs, but it's way too soon.  I can't believe that's still two months away. This weather is totally tricking me--it feels like the end of April, but it's only mid-March.

I would never think of air plants as an accessory, even just as an artistic flourish for a mannequin. How cool is this?

Love love love.

More later--I have Irish potato and granola recipes for you.

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