Thursday, February 9, 2012

This week

It actually snowed this week (exactly one week after it was 65 and sunny ... go figure).  For the first time in 10 months, I was in the mood for real winter food: It was time for Jamie Oliver's chicken and white wine stew.  (Find the recipe here.)  Apologies because most of the things I make that aren't desserts never photograph in a way that's really appealing or appetizing.

Please note that I add mushrooms and cannellini beans to my version. And, I didn't have thyme so I used rosemary and sage instead.  Also, be sure to make rice to go with it. (I use Carolina brown rice--note that it takes 45 minutes for that to cook.)  ALSO, note that you should drink the remainder of the white wine after you put this in the oven ... waiting 90 minutes for it to finish is more fun that way.

Full moon this week.

Thank GOD, it didn't snow that much.  I really hate snow.  It's pretty, but I hate it.

In other news, look at these Valentines:

Jess's mom made this.  All of the flowers and leaves are embroidered, and there's stuffing inside the heart so that it's not flat.  Jess keeps this in her car, but I forgot to ask her where she keeps it in her car ... I would think in plain view?  Or maybe it rests in one of the cupholders? Maybe it hangs from the rearview mirror?
Ron and I were supposed to go out tonight for Valentine's Day, but I bailed and decided to stay home instead (hence, the stew).  I think Ron wants to go out tomorrow instead, but I don't know if I'll feel any different then.   Usually I'm dying to get out of the house, but I've wanted to be nowhere else but home during the past month.  Fingers-crossed that our Valentine get-together doesn't get snowed out on Saturday.  The weather forecasters are being all dodgy and mysterious tonight: "oooooo It's going to snow some more this weekend!!  ooooo, but WHEN? and how MUCH?? Incorrect answers that are bound to screw up all of your plans at 11."

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Jess said...

So this may sound odd, but I actually have kept the stuffed heart sitting by the backseat passenger head rest in my car. I don't know how it ended up there one day, but it just did. So when I look in my rearview mirror I can see it. I reminded me of my mom, so I just kept it there. It's funny I usually don't think of them as valentines, they really remind me of Christmas. My mom made BAGS full of them when we were much younger and they have always been our christmas tree ornaments. Realizing how much work must have gone into them, I have amuck deeper appreciation for them :)