Sunday, February 26, 2012

Progress (ie, lack thereof)

Since my last post, I have succeeded in doing the following:

1) Not studying Italian
2) Buying a tunic at H&M

Here are my excuses for 1) and 2):

A) It's hard to read at home when you teach during the day.  Especially when the books aren't in English.
B) I wanted the tunic before Lent, but I received the coupon for it after Lent.  It goes with EVERYTHING: jeans, heels, leggings, boots, flats. You name it. It was dumb NOT to buy it.

The good news is that I saw a lot of stuff I wanted when I was out with Leslie on Saturday, and I did not buy ANY of it.  So that's good? Right?

Ron came home today after a really long trip consisting of 14 hour days for 10 days straight.  He literally walked in the door, gobbled the eggy sandwich I bought for him at Wawa, poured the coffee down his throat, walked upstairs to bed, and slept from noon to 6pm.  He woke up because I made dinner for the first time in, like, weeks.  I think today is the first day in ... a month? ... that I went to the supermarket. I'm not joking: When I woke up this morning, I had nothing in my fridge. Well, not nothing: white wine, moscato, Skinny Girl cranberry cosmo, milk, mustard, ranch dressing, half a lime, grated pecorino romano, and chestnuts from December that never got roasted.  I'm not even sure what I ate while Ron was gone.  I bummed at least two dinners off my mom and another one off of my mother-in-law. I remember drinking a lot of coffee and finishing a bottle of red wine.  That's it.  There's a Pop Tart somewhere in there too.  And a lemon basil cupcake from Valley Forge Flowers that literally made me swoon.  Holy crap, it was one of the best confections I have in months. Months.

Anyway, I made dinner tonight.  (I forgot to take a picture, but I'll grab one tomorrow.)

I hate how the coffee pops out of the top of the lid. I forgot to grab a second one to cover it up. An aside: this past fall, I was wearing (what I consider) a higher-maintenance outfit at school--white cotton sleeveless blouse with this blue and white striped cotton skirt with this awesome Eiffel tower applique.  You know how it is: white blouses attract wrinkles and stains.  And the skirt is more white than blue ... can you see where this is going. One of the basketball coaches sees me walking across campus and he yells, "HEY HOW YOU DUNE???" I tried to reply to him but I was trying to put up my umbrella with my huge school tote on one shoulder, my unbalanced purse on the other, while dealing with a coffee in my non-umbrella-ed hand ... the purse drops to my elbow, the coffee jolts, the drips fly into the air ... and fall in a perfect streak all down my front.  I went from looking twenty-eight to just eight in 2.5 seconds flat.  Nice.

Damn coffee lids.

Meanwhile, it's been looking like March around here. I took this picture at 5:45pm this evening.  Look how bright it is.  Hope, people.  This is the image of Hope.

The cats are loving it.  Penny has literally been turning herself inside out to go out on the back deck, but Pearl is satisfied with an open window.

I hope it's a fun week. We'll see.


Tiff said...

No pictures of this AMAZING tunic?

Jo Harper said...

Are you going to be at Dan's bday thing this Saturday? Cuz I'll be wearin it Girl. : )