Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January's over??

And it's 60 degrees out?? omg, I love it.  We actually had the windows open today.  Pearl thought it was great.

I made it a point to run over to Longwood. I only had an hour before they closed, but that was all I needed.

Everything outside is all confused.  My bulbs have been coming up, and apparently the thousands of bulbs in the tulip walk are also making an appearance nearly two months early.

There were quite a few people there, but still pretty empty.  Even though it was beautiful outside, I did make it a point to go into the Conservatory to see the orchid display.

I know this is so dumb (and so unlike me), but I found myself missing the Christmas display. Did I mention it was 60 degrees outside today?  My whole clock/system/internal calendar is totally boggled.

I love and hate the light at this time of day. I love it because it's so pretty--I hate it because it's sometimes hard to photograph PLUS it means the day is nearly over.  Nighttime is just not my favorite time of day.

Love this green wall:

After dinner, I finally started sewing together my Valentines with the leftover felt hearts from my heart garland.

It would be AWESOME to make a garland out of these, but they're so time intensive.  But now that  I've thought of it, I'm tempted to try it.  I still need to make about seven more--the only annoying part is cutting out the hearts, mostly because my cheap Ikea scissors can't handle the felt.  I can't decide if I want to hot glue a pin-back to these or somehow add a little loop at the top to turn it into an ornament.  Can't decide. Any opinions?

btw: I'm pretty sure there's a squirrel trapped in my attic.  More later.


Cat Lady, Esq. said...

make me a heart garland like that please! i love those hearts.

we hate nighttime because it means homework cramming and not getting to sleep. The only time i like nighttime is if i get to watch telly or drink or sleep. even drinking is questionable these days.

we need to get winterthur memberships.

I'm obsessed with that app! Sadly I havent gone anywhere except the law building library to take any pictures. Blehhhh

Jo Harper said...

You know, I was thinking about it later and I arrived at the same conclusion as you: nighttime = homework. If I live to be a hundred, nighttime will always = homework. It's awful!! Fridays and Saturdays are the only nights I don't feel it, and even then a tiny voice in the back of my mind is going: "oooooo Sunday night = homework ..."

Linda C said...

Valentines are so darn cute... I think you should put little ribbons at the top.