Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buona Festa di San Valentino!

My house is so overrun with candy and cookies right now that I hardly know what to do with myself.

In honor of the holiday (and the Valentine's Day party we were hosting on Saturday night), Ron made a fresh batch of marshmallows.  (We use Ina's recipe ... it's the best.)  We stocked the fridge with champagne and sparkling pink lemonade and braced ourselves for all of the sugary goodness that our friends were bringing to the party.

Footnote: We realized Saturday morning that this was the perfect excuse to get a giant tray of soft pretzel nuggets from the Philly Pretzel Factory ... omg, like I've said before, I love bread and pretzels might be my favorite incarnation of bread.

The weather totally stunk (it was hit or miss with the roads icing), but a lot of our friends stopped by anyway.  Amy made sure that Maya was dressed for the occasion--how cute is this baby?

Steph modeled her valentine on her purse.  Everybody had something red or pink on for the occasion (even some of the boys ... I asked Ron if he would wear one of my felt hearts to work on 2/14 if I made him one, but he just stared and blinked at me.  I understood that as a No.  I guess that's not very professional in a corporate office.  Academics wouldn't know anything about that.)

The only group shot I have was taken on the Fuji Instax ... WHY did I not ask Ron to grab the good camera and take another??  I swear to God, my brain literally turns off when I have people at my house and it is SO NOT HELPFUL.

I think one of the funniest stories of the night came from Laurie (the blondie in the above photo): She and Nick had planned to stop by with Leah, but the roads made them nervous and Laurie texted me around 7 or 8pm to tell me that they wouldn't be coming.  I didn't text back (remember: my brain turns Off when it should be On), and an hour later Laurie is standing at my door with the most gorgeous Valentine truffles you've ever seen ... but no Nick and no Leah.  I felt really bad: Why would she drive anyway if the roads were so questionable? (They were really questionable.)  The answer: Laurie--mom to an eight week old baby--had purposely made time to do her hair that day, dammit, and she wasn't letting a good hair night go to waste! "Are you kidding me?" she said. "We put the baby to bed right after I texted you ... and then we were just sitting on the couch.  So I looked at Nick and said, 'Well, I don't know about you, but I washed my hair today so I'm going to the party.  See ya!" And out the door she skipped.  It was a liberating moment for new moms the world-over.

Unfortunately for Laurie, it's biologically impossible for Nick to feed Leah ... so her cell phone lit up two hours later and it was time to go home.  The spell was broken, but Laurie didn't mind and out the door she skipped to go see her baby.

Laurie's truffles: they were like red velvet Oreos inside.
Since tonight is actually Valentine's Day, Ron and I have no intention of going out.  Typically, we go out the week prior to Vday, but it just never happened last week.  The only place I felt like going to last week was Simon Pearce, but Simon Pearce officially ceased to exist one year ago yesterday.  I'm still not over it. I didn't feel like going any place else, so we just skipped it this year.

I can't help it: I feel so old even though I know that I'm not. It's been eleven years since our first Valentine's Day:

Feb 14, 2001

Ron took me downtown to hear the Orchestra (at the Academy of Music ... the Kimmel Center wouldn't be finished for ten more months ... Can I just state for the record that the A of M is the most beautiful place in Philly? Hands-down/no questions).  I forget what time the performance wrapped up, but Ron said, "As long as we're down here, we have to go to Marra's." (Watch out--the link has music.)  I had never even heard of Marra's--which may have offended Ron or simply horrified him or maybe just made him feel bad for me--but it. changed. my. life.  OMIGOD: THE PIZZA!  I was telling my students about Marra's last week and ONE GUY in the whole room knew what I was talking about. I was like, "Isn't it true?? The pizza is so good and it's served to you SO HOT that it peels the skin right off the roof of your mouth. And you don't even care because it is THAT GOOD."  This other guy was like, "Yes. It is TRUE." Your mouth hurts for days after, but you don't care. It's not worth waiting for it to cool, and you understand that the pain has tremendous pay off. You don't care. You just eat the pizza.

We came home pretty late that night (on a school night, no less--I felt like such a rebel. I never did bad stuff like that. Uh huh: I was that girl).  I SKIPPED first and second period the next because I wanted to sleep in after such a fun night.  I NEVER SKIPPED anything in high school. Yup: That Girl.  Don't you feel bad for me?  It was the only time I ever gave in to Senioritis. The glory of skipping stuff that I didn't care about was fabulous.  The holiday literally lasted 24 hours for me.

I was seventeen. Such a long time ago.

Buona Festa di San Valentino!


Linda C said...

I agree, nothing beats a great soft pretzel with spicy mustard. AND, Honestly, can Maya be any cuter???? I think not.

Erin S said...

It looks like everyone had a great time! I'm sorry I missed it!
Oh, and did you know that you could have been late to school like that a total of 8 times a year with no punishment? Yeah, me neither...

Jo Harper said...

EIGHT TIMES? I could have been totally irresponsible ONCE A MONTH (almost)??? Good thing I didn't know that then ;)

Tiff said...

Thank you for the valentine! Sorry we couldn't make the party...hopefully next year!