Monday, January 9, 2012

Snow Globes!

Maybe you saw these at Anthropologie during Christmas season: "snow globes" inside salt shakers and mason jars.  I've seen a lot of people replicating them in Blog Land (these are really cute), so Leslie and I decided to try making our own this past weekend.

We knew we wanted to attack this project with a mindset of Complete Overachievement.  A small frosted tree in a jar wouldn't do it for us: We wanted icy ponds, small rock formations, spotted fawns, and moss.  When Leslie came over to my house, we realized that we had plenty of trees, animals, moss and pebbles ... but nothing for icy ponds.  So, I (that is, Ron) tore apart my Physicians Formula compacts and popped out the tiny mirrors under the makeup.  Then, we realized that we had to run to Michael's anyway ... and found tiny mirrors discounted in the Christmas clearance aisle.  Bottom line: plenty of icy ponds.

I believe the project commenced around 9pm after watching an hour of My Cat from Hell while gobbling Ron's homemade pizza.  (That cat man is AWESOME.  We learned that my cats are "bush cats"--they like to hide under things--and my mom's cat is a "tree cat"--ie, she likes to sit up high and watch goings-on from above.) It took two back-to-back movies (Little Women and Pride and Prejudice) to finish the whole project.

I did three--this one is my favorite.  We bought the jars at the dollar store and Ikea and spray painted the cheap plastic white lids metallic gold.  It's hard to see, but there's an icy pond in the front surrounded by moss covered rocks.  We sprayed the moss with adhesive and glittered it to make it appear frosted. You know those tabletop Christmas villages that light up? You can buy a huge pack of the trees at Kmart for $5 (wait until they're 50% off to buy them), and the smallest ones easily fit in the jars.  The pebbles are also from the dollar store. Underneath the rocks and icy pond is ivory lace as the base of the whole scene ... you can't really see it here.

There's a little bluebird in the trees above the fawn--this is a weird angle, and the depth of field + flash doesn't help much.

Not very creative ... basically the same set-up here: icy pond, moss covered rocks, frosty trees, and a glittered moose.  The plastic animals are really cute as is, but IF something can be glittered, THEN it ought to be glittered.  (I've never really thought about the applicability of Kant's categorical imperative to crafts, but maybe there's an untapped connection here?)

This one was trickier to put together than the first one.  Although the mouth of the first jar was narrower--and thus trickier to precisely place things in the bottom--it was easier to lay out the whole scene in the end. (Sounds like a contradiction. I know.)  This second jar was short and squat enough to really just be flat-out tricky.  Hence, I think this final product is my second favorite.

Finally, I had a glass canister in the basement that's missing a lid (because it smashed to the floor a year ago ... I saved the canister to do a terrarium, but my one attempt failed).  Something tells me I'm going to be ripping this one apart and redoing it at some point.

I wanted the lace in the background to create a frosty, etched look. But I was really tired and had burned my fingers too many times with the glue gun and the final effect is less than desirable.  I'm going to have to rip the damn thing out and use a clear craft glue to seal the lace to the glass.

If I could get the lace flat, I think I would really like it.  The stream is pretty, no? Now I just need to get some pictures of Leslie's ... I took these the morning after we finished putting them together.

We were all pretty exhausted after a night of Extreme Crafting.

They even sleep the exact same way.
Meanwhile, it has been CRAZY warm outside and I have been LOVING it.  This really has been the best winter ever (*knock wood*).  The only sorta bad thing?  My bulbs are coming up ... 3.5 months early.

*sigh* Something tells me a coldsnap is going to finish these suckers off before they get another two inches taller ... and then I won't see them again until 2013.  C'e' la vie.

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