Saturday, January 28, 2012

Real quick

... because I need to meet up with Leslie soon.

First up, Ron came up with this genius idea to make pizza crusts in bulk (ie, five or six at a time), bake them up, and then FREEZE them so we always have one or two on hand.  Basically, he made five pizze bianche ("white pizzas"; we ate one) and then shoved them in the freezer for later.  NOTHING is better than bread: French bread with butter, croissants with chocolate or jam, pizza crust with or without marinara ... it's all good.  I love bread.

Also, stopped at Anthro in between meetings at school yesterday.

(I love fountains almost as much as bread.  Maybe this is why Rome is my favorite city in the world?  No city on earth has as much good bread AND countless fountains.  huh.  A pattern.)

They (Anthro) have this awesome crochet apron.

I have an ivory crochet apron that I bought at a consignment shop (literally for $4--maybe $3?), BUT it's not lined with solid fabric underneath.  If you look, this apron has a mustard yellow lining (on top of the mustard yellow dress).

Another difference? On mine, the edging around the bottom flounce is this icky pink color.  It's not AWFUL ... but it's definitely not the color I would've picked. (I would've done the whole thing ivory.)  So now I want to go through my fabric or stop by Jo-Ann to see if I can buy fabric to line my own.  It can't be that hard.  (It can't be more difficult than this, anyway.)  Due to the whole pink issue, maybe I can get that done by Valentine's day?  I also still need to cut out and assemble all of my Valentines ... dammit, why didn't I think to start that earlier today?

Also, I found a new app I love: pixlr-o-matic.  It's not dramatically different from Instagram and Hipstamatic, but (unfortunately) it offers even more filters, etc., than I already had AND it's free!  (Bad because options become time consuming, aka "too much staring at phone not enough looking ahead/around at real world.)  I used it for the first two pix here. 

Need to start those Valentines ...

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