Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random stuff and a craft

Love this:

Last Friday night, Ron and I went to Panera with our friend, Amy, and her daughter, Maya.  I still don't know if Maya liked sharing the backseat of Amy's car with me, but she didn't seem to dislike it terribly.  I can't wait for her to start talking.  She's definitely going to be a big talker.  (At least, that's what I keep wishing for ... don't know if Amy appreciates this or not.)

I am SO EXCITED about these:

Waaaay back in 2009, Anderson Cooper mentioned these cookies on Regis and Kelly.  They're sold daily at Momofuku's Milk Bar, and I've ALWAYS wanted to try them.  They're called compost cookies because they have EVERYTHING in them: chocolate chips, potato chips, pretzels, etc.  Apparently, Anderson was totally obsessed with them.  I made it to NYC at the very end of 2009 (for a totally non-cookie related event) and never made it to Milk Bar.  For some reason, I remember Milk Bar being in Soho. I was staying in midtown (only very briefly) and didn't feel like braving the subway to get there.  I can definitely tell you that their current midtown location didn't exist in 2009 or I definitely would have gone there upon arrival.  (I really hope I don't get a comment like, "Uhh, you're clearly a country bumpkin: Milk Bar's been in midtown for a decade and is the OLDEST NEWS EVER.")

ANYWAY, Milk Bar is selling compost cookie mix at Williams-Sonoma.  I carried one of the boxes all around the store with me the other night, but I forced myself to put it down.  Later, I decided that I'm definitely going back for it.  My excuse is Valentine's Day: If I make them for Valentine's Day, then they're not a totally unjustified splurge.  It's probably cheaper to figure out how to make them with ingredients I already have (the box says you have to add your own chips and pretzels), but I've fallen heard for the packaging.  Which is so not helpful.

Speaking of Valentine's day, I've been meaning to work on a garland of felt hearts ... for two years. I bought all of the supplies for it in between snow storms during January of 2010.  Everything sat untouched for two years until last Saturday.  The two years of procrastination can be explained very simply: Cutting out 50-100 felt hearts sounds really frustrating and boring.  I looked around for a large heart-shaped "hole-punch" for fabric last year but to no avail. Honestly, in the time I spent searching for that I could've just cut out the damn hearts by hand.  Last Saturday morning, I looked at the felt stacked on my shelves and thought, "Dammit. This is getting done.  What is the MATTER with me?"  (Can you tell this is metaphor for a larger theme in my life?)

Of course, nothing gets off to an easy start. I knew the easiest place to work would be the floor, but when I sat down to get started, I realized that my floor was covered with 1) cat fluff  2) dust  3) wooly stuff shedding from the new kitchen area rug  4) cat fluff  5) more carpet fluff.  Come on, Crafters of the World: Can you think of anything dumber than working with FELT on top of cat and carpet fluff?  Neither can I.

So, out comes the vacuum ... along with the Crazy Lady who possesses my body, mind, heart, and soul when I have to clean anything. Oh, the ranting and raving: It's totally exhausting. PLUS, on this occasion there was all the guilt--underlying the ranting--that comes from thinking, "Oh geez.  Shouldn't I dust everything before I vacuum?? LOOK AT THIS PLACE.  WHY IS IT SO DAMN DIRTY IN HERE???  WHY AM I ALWAYS CLEANING SOMETHING???"

At this point, Ron is hiding under the bed upstairs with the cats.

Once the vacuum was put away and the Crazy Lady had safely departed (only to return, I'm sure, sometime later this week), I could finally get down to business.  It took about 2 hours to cut out approximately 100 hearts. I have no idea how many I need for a garland to drape across my front table, but I figure that 50 oughtta do it?  My intention was to make TWO garlands: It was my mom who found this on a blog two years ago and asked me to do it.  I guess she got tired of waiting:

She made her own out of paper the same weekend.  You know, I took pictures of my mom's mantle at Christmas, but I don't think I ever posted them?  Here they are:

Since she's painted the mantle white, it's looked perfect for every season.

The garland just needs to be sewed together. I can't decide if I want to sew the hearts "sideways" like my mom or if I want to line them up side by side.  I'm leaning toward the second option, although I'm thinking that may be a little harder to do.  I have enough hearts to do both ... maybe I'll just try it both ways?

School's back in session, and I really need to get out of this "go-to-bed-at-2am-wake-up-at-9am" routine.  Maybe I can get a two hour head start on switching this up for tonight?


Laurie said...

That's funny... The crazy lady lives at my house too!

Jo Harper said...

You're kidding me!! You know the Crazy Lady too??? ; )

Cat Lady, Esq. said...

I WANT THAT CHILD!! Cute as a button

Linda C said...

I Think the heart garland will look great with the hearts sewn side by side. Keep in mind that they will turn upside down when they spin.