Thursday, January 19, 2012

My 100th post ... scratch that. I already missed it.

Don't get excited. Not only did I mistakenly think that THIS was my 100th post (it's my 101st), but I don't have anything dramatic or life-changing to report.

Here's some stuff going on around the house.  (Can you tell why I went through Fluff withdrawal with my return to school this week?  It's strange--and undesirable--not to be around them for so many hours in a day.  Sad? Yes. True? Yes.)

Penny, reliving her kittenhood by convincing herself that she still fits in the sink.

Not sure what's going on here, but cat people know that I couldn't have forced them to coordinate like this in a million years.

These paperwhites may be the only bulbs that come up for me this year ... the ones outside are confused with the vacillating weather.
Oh, and speaking of Leah (featured prominently on my windowsill), I never posted pictures of my visit with her last week.

Little Leah greeted me all wrapped up in the shower gift that I gave to her and her mom.  I held her for the whole afternoon and she just slept the whole time.

I love to see Laurie so happy.  Seriously Leah, we've been talking about your arrival since 10th grade. So glad you're finally here!


Linda C said...

Such a beautiful little baby girl!

Laurie said...

We loved hanging out with you... Let's do it again soon!