Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I swear: I'm pretty organized some of the time

It actually doesn't look so bad. It looked a lot worse last week.

The sad part is, I know where every last thing is in those piles: One last round of papers and one second-to-last round of exams.  That's why I haven't been here in a week.

Oh, right: And my mom's toothache is back and Leslie had a meltdown on Sunday because her computer crashed right in time for a law school exam. (You need to bring your computer to class--with a semester's worth of research and notes--to take/pass the exam.  Yup.  I'm not even Leslie and I wanted to shoot myself.  Thank God for the "tall, skinny undergrad guy" who fixed it for her late Sunday afternoon on campus.)

So much has been going on: Christmas pictures for three of my friends, the big Christmas parade in West Chester, and our official outing with all of our friends to get our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Christmas is everywhere--has been everywhere since, say, October 15--but it doesn't feel like Christmas at all to me. I blame this on being an adult officially for ten years with the added component that I'm not a parent and have only distant memories of the drastic physiological affect that December used to have on me (ie, I was mostly INSANE for the whole freakin month of December for a number of years ... just because it was December, ie., Christmas month. I need to stop using "ie."). Whatevs.

I can at least post the Christmas tree farm pix. For the record, Ron's been chopping down a fresh tree for the house for the past six years (*holy crap: it's our sixth Christmas in this house?*).  BUT, this is the first time I've gone along with everybody.  I typically exclude myself from things that are A) cold  B) damp  C) muddy  D) drizzly  E) cold  F) muddy  G) generally un-glamorous.  The weather was nice this year, so I went.  No regrets that I can recall.

I'm pretty sure that's the top of Cristin's head--I could be wrong.
As if there aren't plenty of constant reminders in my life that I'm super short: I seriously--literally--could not see the forest for the trees in this place.  Everything was so tall, and I was so short.  A short person could easily get lost in this forest and eventually die due to complete lack of orientation.

Poor bald-in-the-middle tree. If I had an extra $35 to burn, I would've bought you because you're funny looking and nobody else is probably going to be interested in you.

I have 13 more papers to burn through tomorrow and 16 exams on Thursday ... right in time for 46 students to take one more exam on Monday ... with a registrar-imposed 48 hour deadline for grading them.

To quote an adorable toddler at the Christmas tree farm: "Bah-humbug." ; )

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